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Digital Workplace ties together all the tools and systems we use in our daily work. It is about communication, collaboration, productivity and making it easy to get the work done. From any place, at any time.

employee engagement with microsoft 365

Nexer specialises in digital workplaces and intranet solutions based on Microsoft 365 including SharePoint Modern, Teams and Viva. With a strong focus on usability and sustainable solutions – continuously improving as the technology evolves.

We offer “out of the box” solutions on Microsoft 365, our own products for intranet and the digital workplace, and custom development as well. Supporting our clients every step of the way, with strategy and technology alike, always focusing on people. As a long-term partner, we also provide technical and strategic support.

quality management in microsoft 365

A good quality management system is vital for the business success and documentation. Our product Guide Modern is built on SharePoint Modern and adapted to ISO 9001. It enables gathering management documents, instructions, and process descriptions into a simple web-based tool.

Guide Modern is searchable, easy to use and accessible. As a long-term partner, we also provide technical and strategic support.

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