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microsoft 365 strategy & adoption

With our help, you can succeed with Microsoft 365 and stay up to date on all the continuous changes and developments across different products. We ensure your employees get the most out of the tools in their everyday work. Whether you need help with forming a strategy, rolling out or relaunching Microsoft 365, training, or governance and support, our experts are best placed to help you.


The digital landscape can often be very complex, consisting of many different tools used for similar things. This often leads to shadow IT and confused users who don’t know which tool to use when.

We can help you map your digital landscape to minimise risks and make people’s workday more fun and less stressful. We start by looking into to the current setup, practices and tools used by the organisation and then move to a future state where tools are streamlined, and it is clear which solutions can be replaced by Microsoft 365 suite. And, of course, everyone knows which tool to use and when.


Microsoft 365 is continuously under development, with new functionality and improvements released at fast pace. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest news and to make sure the Microsoft 365 suite is used to its full potential in an organisation. That’s why we have a service that makes your work a lot easier. You’ll receive a monthly summary and presentation of essential updates and improvements in a simple and condensed format that your organisation can easily use. Smart, right?


The way documents are used between organisations and departments varies, and it can sometimes be challenging to establish and maintain document management that ensures compliance and supports productivity. We approach document management making use of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint’s rich capabilities for efficient document management, catering to your business’s specific needs and requirements. It can be anything from regulatory requirements for archiving over time to GDPR requirements for deletion. The goal is that you should, after completing the work, have a basis for document management that can be directly implemented in your Microsoft 365 platform.


Microsoft Teams has become one of the most important tools in peoples workday. It is not only used for collaboration and projects but also as a place to keep many documents, notes, and plans. After quick adoption and continuously increased usage, many companies now face issues with governance and keeping things in order in Teams. Or they are just simply not making use of all the great functionalities the platform has to offer. The good news is that we can help you with both; training your users to utilise Teams to the full extent and reclaiming control over the governance of the platform.

Susanne Erkenmark
Business Unit Manager


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