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We specialise in delivering digital workplace and intranet solutions based on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft Viva. We have years of experience in building intranets for a diverse range of companies and organisations. We are a trusted partner that carefully manages the whole implementation project, from user studies to technical roll-out and change management. We offer solutions out-of-the-box on Microsoft 365, our own products for intranet and digital workplace and custom development. We focus on usability and provide sustainable solutions that are always up to date and can be continuously improved as the technology evolves.

We also offer continuous support to our clients, including a dedicated customer success manager, access to our Care support and strategic advising and training.

core connect

Core Connect is our light and lean intranet solution building on SharePoint Online and integrating with Teams, Viva, and the rest of Microsoft 365. It offers a seamless employee experience in the digital workplace within Microsoft 365, fitting into any organisation. Core Connect follows and extends the capabilities provided by Microsoft by adding features that improve the user and editor experience.

Core Connect is a safe investment as it can be uninstalled without losing or needing to migrate data and content. Just like SharePoint Online, Core Connect is also developed as an evergreen application, with frequent minor updates and no requirement for costly upgrades.
With Core Connect, you get:

— A highly customisable intranet solution with a modern look and feel

— The full benefit of development by Microsoft in SharePoint, Teams, and the rest of Microsoft 365

— Better tools to reach your audiences with the correct information

— Features to help you engage your users and drive user adoption
— Simplified governance and maintenance

— A partner able to deliver more than just the technology
— Ease of mind – it doesn’t cost to uninstall

— Access to updates and new features continuously developed by Nexer

— Influence – we develop our products together with our customers

intranet on sharepoint out-of-the-box

You can come far building a great intranet with SharePoint out-of-the-box, as long as you know what to do and how to do it. We know SharePoint inside out, meaning we can support you with both the overall project and long-term maintenance and support.

Whether you want to learn what makes a successful intranet, how to use the core features of SharePoint, or extend your intranet with process support and governance features using no-code and low-code solutions, we can provide the training and resources you need. That includes guidance on Lists, Power Automate, Power Apps, and more. And if the out-of-the-box solution doesn’t fully support your needs, we can also help you with custom-developed features tailored to your specific needs.

employee experience on microsoft viva

Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work. Viva is based on Microsoft 365 framework and accessed via Teams. Currently Viva consists of four parts; Connections, which brings your intranet to Teams, Insights for personal and team well-being, Learning that collects all your development possibilities to the same place, and Topics, which makes it easy to share knowledge and expertise with the help of AI. Viva will continue to grow and develop over time.

We can help you get started with Microsoft Viva and to explore all the possibilities within employee experience on Microsoft 365.

successful intranet project

Most successful intranets are not only based on the best technology but build on user needs and great content. We can help you to set a long-term intranet strategy and an implementation plan that focuses on people and change management. Whether you need help with a pre-study, information architecture, navigation, search, content strategy, or migration, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed. We are a long-term partner overseeing the whole project and maintenance and support, making your intranet a success.

Susanne Erkenmark
Business Unit Manager


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