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Together we can create a promising future. A future we want to live in. That’s why we are involved in different areas and take great social responsibility, both near and far. 
We have set the bar high when it comes to our climate commitment. The goal is to reduce our emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and work for efficient and sustainable energy consumption. 
The lack of IT skills risks becoming a major obstacle to development and digital transformation. Therefore, we want to share our knowledge. We also want to show all the fantastic opportunities that are offered in IT and Tech. Focusing on education, gender equality and diversity by collaborating with schools, arranging knowledge events, network meetings and training. 
Nexer Cares is our CSR Program, and we are very proud of it. 



We stand up for UN’s ten principles. We are a member of the United Nations Global Compact UN Sustainability Initiative. Since 2015, we have supported their principles of human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption, and we are working hard to integrate them into our corporate strategy. 
We will reduce our emissions by 50% by the year 2030. We work for an efficient and sustainable energy consumption, optimised resource consumption, sustainable travel methods and to reduce the number of business trips. 
Nexer is ISO 14001 certified. 


Go for your dreams!

Star for Life has a unique methodology for helping young people increase their self-esteem and thereby create a better future. To date, more than 450,000 children and young people, at 120 schools in South Africa and Namibia, have taken part in the unique educational program. 
We also have our “own” school, Dlilanga High School, where we have established a Nexer scholarship for further studies in IT and Tech. Nexer employees also have the opportunity to visit Star for Life as volunteers. 
We have strong ties to Star for Life. The project was started in 2005 by Christin and Dan Olofsson, founders of the Danir Group, of which Nexer is a part. The aim was and still is to get young people in South Africa to avoid HIV and AIDS. By believing in themselves and through education, the chances increase of creating a promising future. 



The material conditions for young people in Sweden and southern Africa often differ. On the other hand, there are striking similarities when it comes to behavioural patterns, lack of motivation in schoolwork and a delusion when it comes to one’s own belief in the future. Too many Swedish high school students, for example, leave their education with incomplete school grades. 
That’s why Star for Life 2013 started a program in Sweden, Motivationslyftet by Star for Life (The motivation lift). The aim is to improve the motivation, self-esteem, and self-leadership of Swedish young people in the long term through scheduled mental training and various forms of aesthetic work. 



There are far too few women in the IT industry. To bring about a real change, we sponsor Pink Programming. A non-profit association where girls in an inspiring environment can learn to code from the beginning or build on existing knowledge. At programming camps and events, the association highlights the female role models that exist today. That is why teachers and inspirational speakers are always women. Pink Programming is aimed at both experienced developers and completely new coders. 



Children are curious and easily adapt to new technology. They meet at Nexer once every week and learn how to code in a playful way. Our IT consultants teach them in cooperation with Kodcentrum (Code centre). And it’s totally free of charge for the children. This is a step in the right direction to create new opportunities for the next generation of young coders in Sweden. 



Mitt Liv (My Life) is an organisation working for a more integrated society and labour market that values diversity. Our employees are participating as mentors in the mentoring program called Mitt Livs Chans (The chance of my life). 
We want to contribute to integration and share experiences and networks. When people with different backgrounds and experiences meet, new ideas and business opportunities will sprout. Being a partner to Mitt Liv is therefore an important step in our vision of creating a promising future. 


We love tech and are passionate about knowledge sharing. That is why we, for many years, have arranged various events and network meetings. Committed employees play a major role and participate actively together with invited speakers and guests. 

Women in IT are almost always in a minority. That’s why NEXER NETWORK: WOMEN have a role to help rectify this imbalance. Knowledge, inspiration, and joy are key words. The aim is to strengthen women in working life and get more women interested in IT and Tech. We promote this by hosting popular events with inspirational speakers from Nexer and other organisations, interspersed with mingling and networking. 

As a tech company, we want to share our passion to the whole industry. We identified the need of a special network for developers and started NEXER NETWORK: DEVELOPERS. The aim is to invite experts to share their knowledge about the latest and hottest areas in IT. And create a community for like-minded. 

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