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system development

meeting needs, supporting change

System development boosts digitalisation, which in turn boosts productivity. Whether it’s about developing a new IT system, designing an e-commerce website, or monitoring healthcare equipment. System development is not a solution in itself, it’s about producing the capability to meet a need. By planning, designing, implementing and testing a new application. Many companies outsource this part of the operation, choosing to focus on their core business.

tailored & flexible

Nexer has over 30 years of experience in developing innovative, solid and competitive IT solutions. We’re active in practically all industries, from public e-services and sea rescue apps to industrial inspection systems. We work in all stages of the development process and always with the full life cycle in mind – from analysis and design to maintenance. Creating systems with built-in flexibility, according to your changing needs.

Our specialists offer cutting-edge expertise covering web, app, back-end, front-end, Java, .NET, C/C ++, JavaScript and Node, just to name a few. We provide support either as individual experts or in teams – integrated or delivering entire solutions – in close collaboration with our customer.

application maintenance

available & updated

All business units rely on a set of IT solutions. It’s a complex environment that needs to run smoothly at all times. That’s why Nexer offers an application maintenance service, providing support and maintenance to keep your systems available, updated and monitored.

Based on your needs, we set up a service organisation adapted to the right capacity, availability, response time and technical competence. Let us take care of your company’s applications, so you can focus on your core business.

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