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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a structured way to handle all interactions with your customers. The principles, practices and processes you follow. When directly interacting with customers, but also when forecasting and analyzing trends and behaviours.

The ultimate goal is to give your customers a better experience. When talking about CRM, people often mean CRM systems, the technology used to manage customer interactions to improve business relationships.


CRM systems can handle anything from a company’s website and emails to mass mailings and telephone calls. The entire point is to build a positive experience, so customers keep coming back. This way you can create a growing a base of loyal, returning customers.

The term CRM is increasingly being used to refer to all technology that manages the interactions during the customer lifecycle, from discovery to education, purchase and post-purchase.


CRM software combines all important customer information in one place. This gives easy access to data such as contact data, purchase history and any previous contact with customer service. It helps you to interact with your clients, anticipate their needs, recognize customer updates and track sales performance goals.

The main purpose of CRM software is to make all these interactions more efficient and productive. Automated procedures can send marketing material to a customer based on the services or products they select. Other features can anticipate customer needs, so you can fulfill their requests quicker.


Cloud-based CRM systems give sales agents at the office, or in the field, real-time data via smartphones, laptops or tablets over the internet. Access all your customer information on the go!

Modern CRM systems have evolved to cloud-based technology that can be accessed 24/7 across the globe. Add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to that, and you get enhanced analysis of information and data that improves your customer service.


With Nexer you get a technology partner who fully understands CRM and all its benefits. Together with Microsoft as a partner, we implement and support their flagship Dynamics D365 CRM system.

We have a long and proven track record of successfully implementing and supporting Dynamics D365 CRM solutions for companies in Manufacturing, Logistics, Service Management and Retail among others. We also provide complementary integrated solutions to D365 CRM, such as IoT, AI and other technologies, turning businesses into fully enabled Connected Enterprises.

connected call centER

Do you have the tools to deliver high quality service?

The pandemic has made us work from home and you now have multiple channels that your customers are coming from and your data is all over the place.

The challenge call centers face today is getting an overview of all customer communication when working in different interfaces. How can this be solved?


Why is collaboration and customer service so important in retail? When we think of retail and fashion, images of shopping, trendy styles and social media influencers come to mind.

However, behind the scenes, manufacturers are putting together product collections that designers create using materials sourced from a global network of suppliers, within increasingly tight deadlines and evolving consumer preferences.

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