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Nexer revolves around digital tech. Ones and zeros run in our veins and have so for decades. We want what’s best for you, and are big enough to provide it. 



Tech is at the heart of everything we do. Getting the most out of current and future technologies for our partners. We have experts in all important areas of digital technology. So, whether you need a programmer, a full team of developers, a specific technical solution, or want to create something new, we are here for you. Whatever your business strategy, we can match it with tech.

Nexer is independent and not tied to specific suppliers. We work with the best, and enjoy the advantages of being partner to leading software providers. At Nexer we always pick the solution that is best for you. We offer system development, testing, architecture, infrastructure, e-commerce, advanced analytics, AI, IoT and more. If there is a technology that can make your life easier, we will find it. And we add new areas to our portfolio every day. 



The impact of artificial intelligence is transforming industries across the world. Creating business and customer value by turning big data into increasingly personalised insights, products and services. Nexer helps transform collected data into accurate predictions, deeper understanding, and informed decisions. On a scale that would be impossible for any individual analyst.

Through advanced analytics, we support businesses in making the right analyses, posing the right questions and taking the right actions. A true problem solver. From supporting retail businesses in understanding their customers’ shopping behaviour. To enabling more sustainable mining practices, and safer construction and transports, by analysing huge amounts of photo data. No matter industry or field, we can help you transform complex data into new opportunities. Give us a call! 



The digital transformation puts pressure on the global network infrastructure. Adding to smart phones and computers, innovations like self-driving cars or telemedicine all depend on high-speed internet connections. Enter the 5G networks, designed to meet today’s massive growth in data and connectivity.

Businesses need network speed to run smart factories, stores and offices, to name a few. Consumers crave better gaming experiences, quick downloads, and reliable virtual collaboration tools – no matter physical location. A shift accelerated by the pandemic.

Nexer is a long-term partner with today’s 5G market-leader, which base stations form the infrastructure of the new communications landscape. Delivering experts to all functions – from software developers to scrum masters and product owners. All working in agile cross-functional teams.

digital twins

mirroring reality, predicting tomorrow

Digital twins are virtual replicas of real things, places, processes and human behaviours. From cars and wind turbines to supply chains and entire cities. Using real-environment data, digital twins are designed to help simulate, analyse and improve. Delivering insights that help businesses optimise operations and boost product development and customer experience. With analytics and AI applied, we can track the past, improve today and predict the future.

The possibility to integrate real-time data from IoT devices, locations, weather, traffic, people movement and other sources is a game changer. Nexer’s experts help Swedish cities transform into smart cities, enabling administrations and urban planners to solve safety and sustainability challenges and provide higher quality of life and care for the elderly.

what we do


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Life Science

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With Nexer’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.