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digitalising the full cycle

In seizing today’s digital opportunities, most industrial companies have one top priority — to realise the value of digitalising their operations. Their focus includes manufacturing sites, supply flows, buildings and infrastructure. Delivering business growth and improved efficiency. So how does this translate to practice? How is the new technology implemented? And what does it mean for the company’s culture and ways of working? 

smart industries

taking the holistic approach

To stay competitive, industries are exploring the possibilities of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Transforming its connectivity, flexibility and data insights into increased scalability and performance. 

Nexer supports you all the way on this journey. From mapping business needs and defining the strategic direction, to putting this complex ecosystem into action, we team up with you. Together building an agile and innovative culture that embraces change. Selecting and shaping data-driven insights that help guide and lead your business. Analysing, predicting and fine-tuning your operation – from procurement to final delivery.  

smart industries


Sony’s Real-time Cargo and Asset Tracking Solution, Visilion gives you information on exactly where your sensitive, valuable or time-critical goods are. But also, what temperature it’s at, if it’s been exposed to sunlight or high humidity, and whether it’s been bumped or damaged in transit. All in real-time.

smart industries


More and more businesses catch on to the trend of connecting information technology (IT) and operational (OT) technology systems. A fundamental step to be able to analyse operational performance, inherent risks and take pre-emptive action. Nexer supports you in creating a modular and scalable architecture, supporting your IT/OT convergence. We use APIs, world-leading partners and open developer platforms. Providing the solutions that best meet your needs, supporting implementation, maintenance and new ways of working.

The service includes Digital Transformation Consulting, Business Consulting, Data & Technical Analysis, Business Process Management, Information Management, Cyber Security, and System Integration. 

smart industries


To capture the value of digitalisation, every company needs a data vision supporting growth, profitability and sustainability. Identifying the right data for core processes, structuring the data domain and establishing a data-driven culture. In short, opening for better visibility and common real-time data while boosting transparency and efficiency. Nexer supports you in moving from the old silos to a single source of data. Offering all stakeholders transparency and a strong, common basis for decision making.
The service includes: Digital Transformation Consulting, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Connectivity, Automation Advisory, Cloud Strategy and Implementation. 

smart industries


Industry 4.0 has radically changed manufacturing as we knew it. Connectivity, analytics and automation have created a more efficient manufacturing environment. Simplifying product development for quick value capture. Nexer supports you in creating prototype-driven development, where simulations and virtual prototypes quickly surface challenges and opportunities.

The service includes: Capability Assessment Services, Digital Transformation Consulting, Strategy and Customer Experience Consulting, Learning & Change Management, Agile Ways of Working, Prototype Services, Requirements Management, and Service Design and Business Modelling. 

our services

– Digital transformation consulting 
– Transformation program management  
– Business and organisational development 
– Connectivity and implementation consulting 
– Logistics and industry automation consulting 
– Property digitalisation consulting 
– Interim R&D 
– Maintenance & Support

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