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We believe in everyone’s ability to make a difference and create change. With tech and digitalisation as our expert areas, we use technology to contribute to a sustainable future. ​


“As a tech company of the future with a strong foundation in our vision of a Promising future, we make a difference every day; ​supporting our customers with sustainable and innovative tech solutions, developing our colleagues, and caring about the world at large. ​We are committed and together we can create a better tomorrow.”

– Lars Kry, CEO, Nexer Group​


Nexer is ISO 14001 certified and member of the United Nations Global Compact UN Sustainability Initiative. Since 2015, we have supported UN Global Compact principles of human rights, labour law, the environment and anti-corruption, and we are working hard to integrate them into our corporate strategy. 

As part of our promise of a more sustainable future, we target to reach net-zero emissions. By 2025, we will only use renewable energy in all office locations worldwide, reducing scope 1+2 (GHG Protocol) emissions by 60% and scope 3 by 30% compared to year 2021. In addition, we work for efficient and sustainable energy consumption, optimised resource consumption and sustainable travel methods.

Data-driven sustainability work

The demand for environmentally responsible companies and more sustainable commerce and products is intensifying. 
Working strategically with footprint data like other business critical data by managing it like master data ensures data quality and the access necessary for your organisation to manage, govern and share correct and relevant data needed for collaborations, analytics and faster, more informed decisions.

This increase in business agility will also make it easier to comply to new regulations as well as reporting progress to owners, investors and consumers and a solid basis for developing more circular and sustainable business models, solutions and products. It is a sustainable solution for working with your sustainability and to avoid green washing.


– Our company car policy is plug-in-hybrids only.

– We promote the usage of public transportation instead of cars.

– As far as possible, we use digital tools to reduce our storage space and amount of office supplies.

– Today, 99% of our electricity consumption comes from renewable energy sources – the goal is 100%.

– We conduct continuous inventories to make sure we reuse instead of purchasing new items whenever possible.

code of conduct

Do you want to learn more about our environmental and social commitment? Have a look at our Code of Conduct. It defines who we are and our way of doing things. It includes our way of working with sustainability, diversity, equality, security and more. ​

download code of conduct


We stand up for the UN’s ten principles and we are continuously working to improve the integration of the Global Compact and its principles into our business strategy, culture and daily operations.

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