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Unlocking a greener and smarter future

Want to reduce your IT carbon footprint, while letting smart technologies drive innovation and meet dynamic business needs? Sustainable IT is a fundamental shift toward more responsible technology practices. Minimising your organisation’s environmental impact, while reducing costs, improving efficiency and boosting your brand image.


Much of the IT world’s environmental costs are still being overlooked. And as tech evolves and accelerates, so does its environmental impact. The EU twin transition approach is a way forward, aiming to combine green and digital agendas to unlock untapped joint benefits.

So, what is sustainable IT and how can it help? Sustainable IT is not only a buzzword, it’s a chance to actually reduce the negative impact of your IT operations – dramatically lowering your IT carbon footprint, while cutting costs and staying on top of CSRD reporting requirements.

So let’s kick off this initiative together. After an AI-powered application analysis, our team will recommend which systems and applications to decommission, migrate or modernise. This IT modernisation will boost your organisation’s performance and user satisfaction, while reducing the risk of system failures and security breaches.

Do you want to learn how?

Clean up your IT

On average, 30% of IT systems do the same thing

A snapshot of success

In 18 months, we helped VOLVO Group right-size their IT landscape by decommissioning 300 unnecessary applications, saving approximately 65 million SEK.

 “Wave three will include more complex and advanced decommission projects, but when we reach the end of 2025, we aim to avoid hundreds of millions of SEK.”  
–  Olivier Fallone, Decommission leader and Chapter Lead, 
Volvo Group IT.


Slimming down a complex network of legacy applications can feel overwhelming. With the support of our experienced team, however, the transition will go smoothly from start to finish. We’ll guide you every step of the way, from the initial analysis to decommissioning and beyond, with minimal inconvenience to your organization.

And, as importantly, we’ll help smooth out the people transition by facilitating the cultural change needed. When embracing the new ways of working, co-workers will help unlock the full potential of the new IT landscape.

The Nexer Clean Solutions IT decommissioning checklist is built on the following steps:
  • Discovery & analysis: Identify and analyse the infrastructure, its applications and devices, using cutting-edge technology
  • Assessment: Understand and evaluate dependencies, usage and carbon emissions of your applications
  • Planning: Get on top of your strategies, to unlock the hidden potential of a structured approach
  • Decommissioning: Break free from the legacy systems – saving money and lowering your carbon footprint
  • Modernising the IT landscape: Transform your IT landscape, opening for an easier and more sustainable way of working


As the new CSRD legislation takes effect, businesses must improve their carbon footprint reporting to include scope 3 emissions.

Nexer is committed to future-proofing your business – reducing your carbon emissions, while driving performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. Your success is our priority, and we’ll partner with you every step of the way

We understand the true complexity of an IT modernisation, and use our well-tested process to carefully and efficiently guide your organisation through the transition. Our experienced team aligns your technological needs with environmental responsibility, making sure your IT landscape is functional, flexible and sustainable.

Sofie Bergbom
Business Area Manager Nexer Clean Solutions

072 157 22 02

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Sofie bergbom

Business Area Manager Nexer Clean Solutions

072-157 22 02