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More and more smart product solutions are being developed through clever combinations of the latest technology and proven methods. This takes cross industry experience and an innovative mindset, which is why many companies choose to strengthen their development organisations with external teams.

nexer develops your ideas

We are technical problem solvers with solid experience from product and service development. Our specialists offer cutting-edge expertise in system development, driven by a genuine interest in technology and technical challenges. Delivering high quality and tailor-made solutions, thanks to our deep technical knowledge and agile ways of working.

agile teams with edge & capacity

We apply our expertise in technology-intensive industries, like automotive, telecom and aviation, developing the solutions of the future. Covering everything from requirements management, design and development to testing and documentation.

Our agile teams work independently. Moving each assignment forward in line with your processes, as a natural extension of the R&D department. Our specialists share their knowledge, making sure your organisation always has the right skills for your needs.

an innovative and agile system developer:

product centric

System in product:
Embedded software, Control logic, Algorithms, Connectivity, Real-time OS


Integration, Testing & Deployment:
More efficient development by optimising the CI/CD flow. Building Tool Chain, Test Automation, Scripting, Cloud Deployment

service centric

System connected to product:
Cloud Enabled Solutions, Microservice Architecture, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics

agile leadership

Scrum Master, Team Leader, Product Owner, Agile Coach etc.

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With Nexer’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.