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data management

deliver on your goals by working data-driven

For Data Management to be valuable it must be a combination of strategy, processes, platform, governance, organisation and well-designed data models as well as a scalable architecture. We are an international team of specialists in Data Management that deliver customer focused projects and sustainable solutions globally with local expertise. We have more than 30 certified PIM and MDM consultants and, as a part of the Master Data Alliance, even up to a hundred in total.

unlock the value of your data

Lots of data itself is not the solution, but having correct and relevant data at the right time can give a lot of answers and that’s why we believe in better data, better business. A sustainable data strategy means treating your data as a stategic value to harness its real powers.

To use data for analytics, decision basis, innovation and process development you need to be able to trust it and when you have access to correct, relevant and sufficient data you need to be able to share it efficiently and controlled.

The answers might be in the data and with expertise like ours in how to manage it strategically we can support you in releasing its true power.

better data – better world

We have developed a solution for helping companies go from vision to continuous process development and to deliver on their sustainability goals.

With a scalable, flexible datamodel on a collaborative platform with the features and capabilities of a Master Data Management solution you’ll have a sustainable solution that will help you go from compliance to leader and deliver on your sustainability goals.

Nexer Footprint Data Management is a data-driven approach to sustainability work. By automating the processes to collect sustainability data from external sources and managing the quality of the data plus integrating with necessary channels to share these efficiently you’ll free up operative time to focus on developing more circular products and models while avoiding green washing.

You need to know your data to show your data.

We are specialists

We are proud to have a large team of certified PIM and MDM consultants. Our consultants are experts in their respective field, with extensive experience in managing and optimising applications for clients across a range of industries. Whether you are looking for a complete implementation team, augment your existing team with additional expertise or need support with a specific project or initiative our consultants can quickly adapt to your business requirements, ensuring that you get the support you need to succeed.

In need of an experienced and knowledgeable partner? Let’s talk!
Fredrik Larsson
CEO, Nexer Data Management

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In need of an experienced and knowledgeable partner. Let’s talk.