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Customer communication

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customer data platform (CDP)

In the age of data-driven marketing, having a deep understanding of your customers is paramount. Enter the Customer Data Platform (CDP) – a powerful tool revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their audience

communicate effectively

UniCom (Unified Communication) is an excellent two-way customer communication solution for retail. We handle both incoming and outgoing messages, manual as well as auto-generated. Dialogue can be done through email, SMS, push notifications, Twitter and Facebook. It is a complete solution for controlling how email and text messages are sent: at a certain date, to a specific group of people.

At any time, you can manually engage with a specific customer, a group of customers or all customers. Our portal shows a complete overview of all messages, historical and current. Unicom is a generic platform that Nexer delivers as a multi-channel service on our own servers. It can be combined with CRM and loyalty platforms like Voyado and Quadient to strengthen your dialogue and customer service, and to increase loyalty and sales.


You can integrate UniCom with your other systems, such as CRM and customer service systems. We adapt, based on your needs. Thanks to this, there are many types of processes that can be streamlined with the help of UniCom. Here are some examples:

– Customer service: questions and answers with full traceability and control, which creates the opportunity for proactive information management.
– Order processes linked to e-commerce and mail order: confirmations, passwords, delivery information, etc.
– Customer communication: both mass communication and individual communication, as well as both manual and autogenerated dialogue.
– Mobile marketing: offers and promotions.

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UniCom is also suitable for citizen dialogue and communication about municipal activities. The ability to send both manual and automatic group communication, as well as manage the answers, in one place, makes our solution very useful during interruptions or outages in municipal services.

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Our solution gives you the opportunity to gather your entire sales and customer dialogue in one place. It solves both incoming and outgoing dialogue, and both manual and auto-generated dialogue. UniCom is therefore a complete solution when you want to be able to control how, for example, emails and text messages are sent out at a certain date, to a specific group of people. Via a portal, you get a complete overview of all messages, both historical and current. At any time, you can manually manage a dialogue with a specific customer, a group of customers or all customers.

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