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enterprise applications

Nexer Enterprise Applications is a long-term partner and advisor in digitalization, innovative business solutions and implementation of ERP/CRM within the Microsoft platform. We are dedicated to helping our customers around the globe achieve their goals. Delivered with genuine care.

enterprise applications

loving tech. customers first.

Enterprise Applications is the tech company of the future. We increase our customers’ ability to grow and develop, giving give them insights to make decision when facing challenges.

Nexer offers global expertise, knowledge, consulting and specialized solutions within strategy, tech and communication. We cover all Microsoft Technology and deliver several projects within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, supply chain, commerce, customer service, sales, marketing, field service and PowerPlatform. Our partnership with Microsoft combined with the full offerings of Nexer make us a global partner that can meet even the most demanding challenges. We put our customers first, driving long-term results.



Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a systemised collection of functions, capabilities and processes used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. ERP software applications are important to companies because they help them implement resource planning by integrating within a single business system all of the processes needed to run their companies.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a structured way to handle all interactions with your customers. When talking about CRM, people often mean CRM systems, the technology used to manage customer interactions to improve business relationships. But it’s also the principles, practices and processes you follow — when directly interacting with customers and when forecasting and analyzing trends and behaviours. At Nexer we help you implement and use CRM technology to understand your customers and give them a better experience.

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Nexer specialises in digital workplaces and intranet solutions based on Microsoft 365 including SharePoint Modern, Teams and Viva. With a strong focus on usability and sustainable solutions – continuously improving as the technology evolves.

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nexer worklife


Whether you are planning for a small or significant change in your digital workplace, Nexer Worklife loves to help you make the transition. Our mission is to improve people’s working lives through Microsoft 365.

We are a team of dedicated experts always up to date with the continuous changes and developments of various Microsoft products, including Viva and Teams, ready to support you in any stage of your Microsoft 365 worklife journey. Examples of our areas of expertise include intranets, document management, strategy, user studies, custom development, and support.


customer case

Meeting increasing customer demands with Dynamics 365

Zurich, one of the most experienced global insurers in the world with 55,000 employees, needed innovative production systems to better handle a growing business, a rapidly changing world and increasing customer demands. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 they were able to streamline their processes, create a greater awareness of the entire production and revolutionise their ticket creation and service.

customer case

Moving to Dynamics 365 made expansion possible

Outback Steakhouse, a US restaurant chain with more than 1,499 units worldwide, wanted to expand its operations in Brazil. So, they changed from Dynamics 2009 AX to Dynamics 365 – and integrated it with other Microsoft platform solutions. This move ramped up their data processing performance and enabled impressive growth. Since moving to Dynamics 365, they have opened many new restaurants in Brazil since 2020.


Jonas Steffensson

CEO Enterprise Applications/Managing Director US

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Jennie Jaurinder

Managing Director, Nordics

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César Palmieri

Managing Director Brazil

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