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A holistic approach

Service Design is a holistic approach developed to design and improve the relations between an organisation and everyone its engaged with (E.g. customers, employees, 3rd-party partners, etc.) It prioritises the understanding of human and business needs, then plans activities and organises all resources according to these. This means the entire organisation is involved. Integrated with corporate strategy, service design provides top-quality experience, from all perspectives, to all users.


Service design provides your organisation with a more effective way to connect with your customers. But it isn’t just that.

By focusing on human and business needs, service design allows you to create leaner and more coherent pipelines, as well as provide a more positive experience for everyone involved with your organisation. Service design also prioritises environmental needs, should you have them in mind. Service design has been proven to mitigate risks and reduce cost, optimising both internal and external process on multiple levels.

“When you have two coffee shops right next to
each other, each selling the exact same coffee for the exact same price, Service Design is the reason you go into one coffee shop and not the other.”
– Marc Fonteijn

Design thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centred approach to innovation and problem-solving. It encourages organisations to think outside the box and to understand how their customers interact with their services.

By incorporating Design Thinking into the Service Design process, you can create unique and personalised experiences for your customers as well as everyone else who crosses paths with your business, be it suppliers, collaborators, employees or other third-parties.

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Designing for happier customers; A manager’s guide to UX & service design

In this comprehensive, yet easily digestible guide, we outline the key differences between the methods of UX & Service Design, as well as how they can each benefit your business.

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the emergence of Service design and how it creates value for your business

Better make sure you sit comfortably, and have half an hour or so to fully enjoy every detail of this in-depth report. But don’t worry if you don’t – you can still download it now and read it later.

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