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Every year, Nexer produces several thought leader reports within tech, digitalisation and other topics relevant for our industry. Our aim is to highlight future challenges and opportunities by raising questions and providing answers. All reports are free and available for download below.

tech talent report

attract and retain tomorrow’s talents

Nexer and Kairos Future have produced a report with unique insights on what today’s tech talents expect and their views on new technology and working life. The report is in Swedish and based on an extensive survey and in-depth interviews with tech talents as well as representatives from Sveriges Ingenjörer and large employers.

Some of the content:

·      10 success factors for attracting and retaining tech talents

·      Important shifts that have created today’s tech talents

·      Digitalisation yesterday, today and tomorrow

·      Myths and stereotypes about tech talents

Radical retail 2030 report

the future of commerce

Are you curious about the future of retail and its opportunities within personalisation, service robots, sensor-filled environments, digital twins, augmented and virtual reality and complete integration of online and offline? Radical Retail 2030 is a unique thought leader report, produced by Nexer and Kairos Future, that deep dives into new technology-based business models as well as shifts that will define retail over the next 10-15 years.

Some of the content:

·      The third retail revolution

·      5 shifts that will define retail over the next 10-15 years

·      19 technologies that are key to the retail revolution

tomorrow report 2020

read about tomorrow today

We are proud to present this year’s study on digitalisation and technology of the future. Tomorrow Report has been conducted by Kantar Sifo on behalf of Nexer and is the only one of its kind that shows both challenges and opportunities from the perspective of the Swedish people.

Some of the content:

· Which roles are most in demand in the future?

· Positive attitudes to new technology

· Can new technology make our dreams come true?

· Challenges: Fake news and cyberattacks

· Women are taking giant steps in digital self confidence



As a tech company of the future, we constantly identify new trends and opportunities, as well as spreading our knowledge to the world. In our knowledge hub, you will find our latest insights in various topics. Explore, evolve and enjoy.