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data as a strategic asset

The amount of data has increased immensely following the digital transformation of our society and consequently also the need to manage it. At the same time the influx of data in various company systems has become both a challenge and an opportunity for organizations today.

A core aspect of a successful data strategy is to prioritize the data that is most critical to the business and focus efforts around this first. This business-critical data is often scattered and siloed in diverse systems and need to be centralized, structured and quality assured as master data, before it can be fully capitalized on.


By working strategically with product data, customer data, financial data and other business-critical information in your company, and with a system in place, you can optimize the management and the value of this master data.

Centralizing your master data, organizing yourself and defining workflows and automating processes in a way that drives the business forward, is what MDM is about. By creating a central hub, a “Single Source of Truth” you benefit through improved customer experience, faster time to market, reduced manual processes, increased quality, increased sales and profit and a higher business flexibility.

our expertise

We have extensive experience of MDM and can help you set up a successful strategy for your data management. We design and implement solutions and create integrations with the systems needed. Our methods are based on many years of experience in consulting and implementing MDM and PIM in various industries for many companies in different countries.

Our analysis is business process driven and we believe in an agile configuration and implementation approach. We are convinced that to design the best possible solution, we must first analyse and define the relevant business and data processes together with the customer.

“The solution has enabled Husqvarna to automate and streamline its processes, as well as providing system support and functionality for improved data quality. Husqvarna is very pleased with the implementation of Stibo Systems STEP for MDM & PIM and the ongoing cooperation with Stibo Systems and Sigma (now Nexer).”
Hillevi Agranius, CIO Husqvarna Group


Since 2011, we have been collaborating with world leading MDM provider Stibo Systems as an exclusive, local Enterprise partner in the Nordic region. Stibo Systems STEP is a sustainable and scalable MDM platform for your future business needs, with the flexibility to expand into any master data domains. It is designed to solve business problems, not IT problems.

The solution puts a focus on data quality and functionality for efficient administration, workflow management, and automation, and it also has built-in support for data analysis and BI.

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With Nexer’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.