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New FinOps solution for seamless compliance and optimisation

To thrive in FinOps – a methodology that helps optimise your cloud and on prem spending – it’s not enough to create new processes and policies, you need efficient IT asset management tools. True success comes from understanding and untangling the intricate threads of your IT environment.


Reliable IT plays a vital role in your organisation, and you can’t afford to lose sight of the software, hardware, SaaS, and cloud technologies supporting your operations. So, to make informed business decisions, it’s crucial to have a thorough and precise understanding of and complete IT visibility into your infrastructure. Enter Clean Discovery – your compass to understanding every facet of your digital domain. With data-driven insights, Clean Discovery reveals cost inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and optimisation opportunities. It’s more than a tool; it’s your strategic guide.

Clean Discovery provides comprehensive and actionable technology cost analytics – essential for efficient software asset management and FinOps solutions. Our team of experts empowers leaders to accelerate digital initiatives and align technology with business objectives. Working together to achieve financial discipline and cloud optimisation.

  • Saving up to 30% by applying use rights and by rightsizing investments from on-prem to SaaS to cloud.
  • Leveraging SKU and Product Use Rights libraries to automatically optimise software and SaaS.
  • Identifying cloud consumption and savings opportunities.
  • Mapping business services and application dependencies.

How to get started? Read about our three-step approach


In today’s rapidly evolving tech environment, managing IT assets and mitigating risk is no small feat. With countless applications and services spread across the hybrid IT estate numerous providers, achieving effective control requires complete, accurate and up-to-date visibility and control.

Clean Discovery offers the following benefits:


– Informed financial and operational decision making
– Reducing obsolescence and security risks 
– Managing compliance 
– Negotiation readiness 


– Rightsizing environment/s 
– Optimising consumption and spend 
– Vendor performance 


– Energy consumption and carbon emissions
– Operation and management optimisation
– IT decommissioning

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Take control and get started with FinOps in 2024 by answering these questions

  • Do we know exactly what’s in our IT estate?
  • Are our software licensing costs optimised?
  • Can we control our organisation’s SaaS cost?
  • Are our cloud costs optimised?
  • Are we optimising the migration to the cloud?
  • How can we get more from our investments in ITSM and ITFM?
  • What’s the cost of doing nothing?

Sofie Bergbom
Business Area Manager Nexer Clean Solutions

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Sofie bergbom

Business Area Manager Nexer Clean Solutions

072-157 22 02