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ADB SAFEGATE has 1 400 employees and services more than 2,500 airports in 175 countries. It aims to be the first choice for airports, airlines and air traffic service providers by delivering integrated solutions that improve safety, reduce operating costs and increase efficiency and environmental sustainability. ADB SAFEGATE’s previous intranet was built on an older product based on Sharepoint Classic which was inflexible, slow and non-intuitive. This previous intranet was almost exclusively updated by marketing department, which made it difficult to keep all the content up to date. No new functionality was released for this version of Sharepoint and it wasn’t possible to give editors access to specific sections, only the whole intranet – a potentially risky approach. The intranet was cumbersome to work with, making it hard to get colleagues involved in creating and adding content. This lack of intuitive feel and overcomplex structure led ADB SAFEGATE to consult Nexer for a new solution.


The most important things that ADB SAFEGATE wanted from the new intranet was a faster product, and a more modern look and feel. They opted for Nexer’s intranet product Core Connect as their new platform to deliver on these requirements. Core Connect came with additional improvements, which made it easier and more intuitive for editors to add updates. As an international company with several distinct business units, it was vital that the new solution allowed different parts of the organisation to publish their own information. ADB SAFEGATE identified teams to contribute valuable information to the new platform, and Nexer led training with them with guidance on using the tools. Each team as appointed a designated owner or ‘main editor’, making it clear who is responsible for different areas of the content. Core Connect also made it easier to manage templates including page and news, ensuring published content aligns with company branding. This led to significantly improved workflows and processes.


According to the feedback from employees, the most notable difference with the new intranet is its increased speed, and more modern feel. Also highlighted was the identification of key administrators who each own a section of the intranet, and the commitment from dedicated editors to keep content continuously updated. The new intranet is easy to access via Viva Connections, meaning it’s available in Microsoft Teams, and the navigation is vastly improved and far more intuitive. This has led to an increase in usage and engagement across the organisation.

“With this intranet upgrade we have supported our business objective to pursue operational and organisational excellence by upgrading and aligning systems. We have also made it a goal to improve our internal communications, so the new intranet supports that goal very well.”
Anna Nolin, Marketing Communication Specialist


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