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Have you ever asked yourself the questions “What should cyber security really cost us”, “How likely is it that we have a security breach” or even “How do I measure anything in cyber security”? You’re far from alone. Many struggle to make cyber security relevant and prioritised in their organisation because of these unanswered questions. 


We have long experience from driving change within the cyber security area, identifying high risks and implementing new ways of working, for organizations to stay secure over time.
Our mission is to enable our clients to make educated decisions with expected, palpable results which are business relevant. This is not the time to continue the qualified guessing game. It is time for efficiency, business relevance and a common target. An understanding of how to get there with the principal aim to bring clarity, predictability, and business relevance to cyber security investments. Communications around cyber related risks must be quantifiable and understandable for all parties involved in decision making. 

We can help you on this journey to develop and implement cyber security management and security infrastructure. Our expertise in this journey is to measure and visualize your cyber security risk, to let the data power your digital transformation and be business relevant rather than just feeding reports.



Do you also struggle to present the security maturity, risks and compliance in a simple and measurable way? Or question how to achieve a change and get the organization to understand what to do and when to do it, in an efficient way?

Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is there to help you to be more data-driven within cyber security, to measure and visualize your cyber security risk and the probability of a breach within the next 12 months. Now you can finally make an informed decision on how much of your budget to allocate to mitigation strategies that give the best protection – and ROI. Together, we prioritize, simplify and start to improve your security maturity.


New challenges, risks and regulations arise all the time and we stay up to date to support you and your business on this journey. For example, we have specialists that can conduct a security review for your digital supply chain, assess specific 3rd parties, perform risk assessments, or improve disaster recovery management. We can also support you with GAP-analysis and implementation programs for frameworks or regulations such as ISO 27001, DORA, NIS 2 or GDPR.

IT Architecture

IT architecture is becoming increasingly complex with more systems, applications, and distributed data. This makes businesses more vulnerable from a cyber security standpoint, especially during transformations and major changes such as moving to the cloud or implementing a new business model. We support our clients with security infrastructure and cyber security management, both during and after the digital transformation process – to ensure full protection while your business is evolving.


It’s not uncommon to see businesses perform vulnerability tests at the end of the project. However, by doing so, you risk discovering issues much later than desired, leading to increased costs and probably a lot of frustration. To avoid this, we bring our DevSecOps expertise by embedding cyber security early in the development life cycle, as well as at every CICD pipeline seamlessly. We “shift security left” by introducing culture and processes of security first. This increases enterprise agility,  reduces cost, and improves the overall quality of the application while reducing release frequency. To keep up with modern application and software development needs, it is critical for developers and enterprises to adopt DevSecOps. The outcome is a more efficient development process with identified and manageable risks. To help you to uncover security vulnerabilities and weaknesses before malicious hackers have the chance to exploit them, we also provide penetration testing. 


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