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System decommissioning

Decommission legacy IT systems efficiently and securely

Has your current IT landscape become a future barrier? Decommissioning legacy systems can be a complex and critical process, but our experienced team will guide you safely and securely through the change. The result is a modern, efficient, and user-friendly infrastructure.

Boosting business goals through system decommissioning

Over time, legacy IT systems become expensive and inefficient, slowing your organisation’s digital development. Taking the decommissioning plunge can feel overwhelming, but with the help of Nexer’s process the transition is smooth. And the benefits are many:

Lower costs
Avoiding the cost of managing and supporting outdated or unused applications – alternatively costs for application duplicates.

Increased efficiency
Working smarter thanks to modern systems meeting new, dynamic business needs. Also, new applications are easier to maintain and deploy.  

Increased sustainability
Reducing your environmental impact by using less energy and significantly reducing your it carbon footprint.

Increased security

Minimising the risk of losing data or being exposed to security breaches.

This is how to do it – the 4-step checklist

Slimming down a complex landscape of legacy applications can feel overwhelming. But with the help of Nexer’s experienced team, the transition will be smooth. We guide you through the entire process – from initial analysis to decommissioning and beyond – with minimal impact on your employees’ daily work.
At the same time, we support the equally important cultural change and guide your employees through the entire change. It is only when your people embrace the new way of working that the full potential of the new IT landscape can be realised. 

Nexer’s checklist for decommissioning systems: 
  • Requirements gathering and analysis   
  • Planning  
  • Implementation  
  • Evaluation 


Our service Clean Discovery offers complete visibility of your IT assets, both on-premise and cloud based infrastructure. The automated software reveals cost inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and optimisation opportunities, all you need for efficient software asset management.

Tips for smooth system decommissioning

There are certain risks associated with decommissioning legacy systems. Some of the most common risks are data loss and business disruption. To ensure an effective and safe decommissioning, it is therefore important to have a clear mandate from management, to plan the decommissioning carefully, to involve all stakeholders, and to test the process as far as possible.

A sustainable and cost-effective IT landscape

By decommissioning your old or unused systems, the IT landscape becomes more sustainable in several ways. Above all, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions, but system decommissioning also reduces your costs. In addition, the entire infrastructure becomes more efficient and secure, while the organisation receives the data required to comply with the EU’s new sustainability directives.

Sofie Bergbom
Business Area Manager Nexer Clean Solutions

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Sofie bergbom

Business Area Manager Nexer Clean Solutions

072-157 22 02