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Everything we do is centered around our customers. And we prefer to call you partners, since we are in it for the long-haul. Nexer exists to help your business grow, thrive and find new opportunities.  



We plan before we act. Together we create successful strategies and put them to work. At Nexer we analyze your needs, look in every nook and cranny for things to improve, and find the best digital solutions for you. Nexer can find business opportunities you didn’t even know were there. Let’s move forward together!

We create strategies on a corporate level and help you execute them in your everyday operations. If you need assistance on your digital journey, we can assess where you are today and plan for where you want to be tomorrow. We have the strategists you need; Project Managers, Agile leaders and Scrum Masters. Experts in their fields who can realise your plans. Every day. 

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Continuous change requires new ways of working together. And a whole new mindset. Nexer supports you in accelerating your digital transformation and creating customer value, by introducing agile ways of working. 

Basically, agility is an approach to deal with a complex and changing environment. It’s based on principles such as flexibility, self-governance, transparency and adaptability. We help create the change strategy and roadmap, making sure to bring everyone onboard. We introduce agile methods and remove  obstacles, while communicating, engaging and inspiring your co-workers. All to create sustainable change.


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There’s an accelerated need to develop digital capabilities and capacity today, to meet market demands. Demands driven by changed customer behaviour, technology and trends in society. Nexer partners with ambitious brands to help them develop and transform. We rethink how your business operates.

Together we set strategies to generate business and customer value. Starting by forming clear targets, we assess your digital maturity across all business functions. We benchmark and find Blue Ocean markets. We secure buy-in and budgets. We educate, inspire and create a digital business strategy where the connected 360 roadmap, with prioritised actions, leads you to your vision. Then we leap. 

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Advanced Analytics
App Development
Brand Transformations
Change Management
Cloud Operations
Customer Relationship Management
Data Quality Management
Digital Workplace
Enterprise Asset Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
IT Management
IT Operations
IT Security
Master Data Management
Media Production
Office 365
Product Information Management
Project Management
Quality & Test
R & D
Service Design
Social Media
System Development
System Integration
User Experience
Web Development


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With Nexer’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.