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Nexer has extensive experience of implementing and working with different IT systems in many different countries, companies and industries. Our experiences make us the perfect partner on your digital journey. Handling master data, i.e. business-critical data, has always been a challenge, and today the need has increased and evolved due to the growing number of stakeholders as well as the influx of business data in company systems.

We believe that good MDM is a combination of processes, organisation and technology and that you need an elaborated strategy. We can help support you in building a solid data strategy, recommend a platform, design a valuable solution and implement it but Master Data Management should not be considered a project – it is a journey.


Nexer’s MDM Maturity Assessment is the first step on your path to a strong and sustainable master data strategy. It provides a visual overview to communicate strengths and challenges. It is a model and a tool that evaluates your current level of MDM maturity and enables you to set up a vision or to measure the effect of a data management initiative by testing before and after.

With the help of our online MDM Maturity Assessment, you will get a current status and a visual overview of your strengths and weaknesses in different MDM related areas “as is” today. You can take the test for individual development, as a group or at your company to compare departments or progress. Afterwards we can support you in drawing up a vision for what you want to achieve and use it to measure effect and development.


We have many years of experience from running workshops with companies, to identify and analyze business processes and data models, as well as consult in data management projects and pre-studies. If you are about to source a system, we are happy to match your needs and wishes with a platform recommendation and propose a solution that can provide you with value. We also design solutions, implement and create integrations with systems needed.

We are convinced that in order to design the best possible solution, we must first understand and define the relevant business processes together with the customer. Whether you are curious about MDM, in a pre-study phase looking for an expert partner in master data management or a partner on your digital journey – we put your business first and working with us means a promising future!


Since 2011, we have been collaborating with Stibo Systems as an exclusive, local Enterprise partner in the Nordic region. Stibo Systems’ Enterprise Platform STEP is sustainable and scalable for your future business needs, with the flexibility to expand into several master data domains. It is designed to solve business problems, not IT problems. The solution is highly configurable, puts focus on data quality and functionality for efficient administration, workflow management and automation, and has built-in support for data analysis and BI using AI and ML.


About abbreviations and concepts in MDM in The complete A-Z of Master Data Management from Stibo Systems.


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Learn about Master Data Management in MDM for Dummies – Transforming business with Master Data Management.


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