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our MDM offerings
on stibo systems Step

A capable multi domain MDM platform for
sustainably scalable solutions

create More Business value from your Master data

With Stibo Systems multidomain MDM platform you’ll create a “Single Source of Truth”, and will benefit from improved data quality, faster time to market, improved customer experience, and the necessary business agility to stay competitive.

“Stibo STEP” is a world leading, scalable, highly stable and powerful multi-domain MDM platform that provides a comprehensive solution for managing and governing master data based on ultra flexible data models. We have been partners with Stibo Systems since 2011 and operate in the US, UK and the Nordics.

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OUR “STIBO STEP” specialist pool

At Nexer, we are proud to have a large team of senior, full track certified consultants on the Stibo Systems STEP platform. Our consultants are experts in their field, with extensive experience in managing and optimizing Systems solutions for clients across a range of industries.

All our consultants have a deep understanding of the Stibo Systems STEP platform” and can quickly adapt to your business requirements, ensuring that you get the support you need to succeed. Whether you need help from a Business Solution Architect, configurations, integrations, or building custom workflows, our consultants can deliver tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.
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when It’s All about the Customer

Companies who excel at managing their customer data as a true corporate asset are much more cost efficient in the development of enterprise initiatives such as compliance, privacy, customer centricity and digital transformation. This is because the cost of data integration reduces dramatically if you have a transparent management process around it. Increased quality of your data and one single source of truth also reduce the number of returns and customer support issues.

The customer experience joins this list of enterprise
initiatives as one of the most important battlegrounds of today’s competitive efforts. Understanding the customer’s needs, anticipating their demands, building confidence with the brand and respecting privacy are just some of the characteristics of customer experience.

Obtaining and managing data about your customer, that your competitor does not have, could give you the edge necessary in user experience and with multi-domain MDM on a platform like Stibo Systems STEP can put you in the lead.

“new” data domain creates new horizons

The increasing market demands on traceability, investor expectations, new laws, and regulations, makes it crucial to implement a scalable and sustainable solution for managing your corporate ESG data, environmental product data and even your entire supply chains’ climate “footprints”.

Managing sustainability data with “master data discipline” creates one source of sustainability data and you secure quality and access to ensure compliance with regulations while also preventing the risk of greenwashing. You also create a foundation for robust analytics. To drive the development of more circular models and products it is essential to have access to relevant and accurate data including sharing processes to consolidate scope 1-3 emissions. This will evidently also support more efficient reporting incl progress measuring and benchmarking.

Nexer has developed a unique and unprecedented solution to centralise and manage environmental product LCA data as well as corporate ESG data on Stibo Systems STEP to help you go from compliant to leader.

More Nexer offerings on stibo systems’ mdm platform

Application managed services

We understand the complexities involved in managing MDM systems, which is why we offer comprehensive Application Management services to help our clients optimize their investment in Stibo Systems STEP.
Our team of expert consultants and developers offer end-to-end services, from installation and configuration to ongoing maintenance and support, to ensure that our clients get the best possible performance, reliability, and scalability from their Stibo Systems STEP application.
Our range of Application Management services for STEP includes installation and configuration tailored to our clients’ business needs, custom development of extensions and integrations, performance optimization, security and compliance measures, and ongoing support and maintenance.

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Data governance

The workflow feature in the Stibo Systems STEP system based on processes and business rules help you manage and govern your master data in a model designed from your unique needs and set up. Data governance is needed to establish and enforce policies and procedures for managing your data assets in a sustainable manner. It also provides the necessary framework for data stewardship, data quality, and data security, enabling better decision-making and reducing risk.
Good MDM is a combination of strategy, system, process, resources and governance.
Want to get better?
Maybe you are interested in discovering the business value of a Data Catalog?

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Product mdm (PIM)

Stibo Systems’ product MDM solution helps you manage your product data across your entire product lifecycle, from ideation to end-of-life. It provides a single, accurate view of your product information, enabling better decision-making, improved customer experience, and faster time-to-market.
Interested in a PIM accelerator like PIM for Retail?

Want to learn more about Product Footprint Management?

In need of Product Data Onboarding and Exchange Service?

We have helped many customers optimizing their processes, centralizing scattered data, increasing data quality, speeding up product onboarding, optimizing customer experience, creating data transparency and making sharing safer.

Read more about stibo Systems pim

and how about…

AI integration

You’ll get an assistant that can craft dynamic, multiple personalized product descriptions per product, one for each of your target audiences or buyer personas in multiple languages super fast.

With an AI integration, your product data becomes engaging, helping boost sales and customer satisfaction. With this integration we can help make your products stand out and your customers come back for more.

We have helped several brands like Thule Group, Mekonomen and others in reducing time and cost as well as dependency to external translation agencies. This integration can revolutionise your translation processes.

REad about the thule success case

embedded power bi integration

Transform your data into a strategic asset, unlocking unparalleled insights within each system view or tab by integrating STEP with Power BI and harness the power of analytics to meticulously measure and enhance workflow efficiency, throughput, and time to market.

Say goodbye to reactive firefighting of recurring issues and welcome a more proactive stance, using Power BI’s analytics to identify opportunities for growth and refinement in line with organizational goals.

Discover how this integration can support a structured approach to process improvements and at the same time elevate the UX for your users.

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migration to saas

While cloud-based applications offer numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider factors such as data privacy, compliance, and ongoing operational costs when deciding whether to move to the cloud or maintain an on-premises setup.

Stibo Systems have a clear strategy to move to cloud (SaaS) and we can make it happen.

We specialize in pre- and post- migration and can secure a painless and efficient migration project that does not interfere with your ongoing business operations and we’ll take care of all testing necessary for you.

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