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A sustainable footprint

with Sustainability Data Management

For manufactoring and distributing companies an environmental footprint includes many types and categories of sustainability data, usually scattered in different systems, with many attributes, and formats, in need of compilation, centralisation, quality assurance, and syndication.

Nexer Footprint Data Management is not just a data-driven approach to manage and control your products’ footprint / environmental sustainability data, it is also a strategic and sustainable solution through its stability, flexibility, and scalability built on a collaborative multidomain MDM platform. Being in control of your footprint data means being prepared for any future demands or needs as well as starting to act on lowering your impact on the environment.

prepare for new regulations

There are more than 200 environmental labels active in the EU alone, and more than 450 active worldwide. We believe that sustainability will be just as regulated as financial reporting in a relative near future, and most companies and nations have already set up precise targets for carbon emissions for the upcoming years.
The demands for more complete declarations and traceability has led to legislations and regulations to report and share data for the entire life cycle of products like EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and Digital Product Passport.

We can help you take control and work proactively with your environmental footprint data so you are prepare to share it. Our solution is built to support several different known outputs like declarations and reports as well as integrations with systems and sources for import and syndication to multiple channels.

Go from Compliant to leader

The market demand for environmentally responsible companies and more sustainable commerce and products is intensifying.  Working strategically with environmental sustainability data with master data discipline on an MDM platform, like other business critical data, creates the transparency necessary for, and across your organisation to access and share the data needed to make better analysis and make better decisions.

This increase in business agility will make it easier to comply to new regulations as well as measuring and reporting progress to owners, investors and consumers without greenwashing and moreover a foundation and opportunity to develop more circular and sustainable supply chains and products.

Let us show you how and where to start!

Better data, better business, better world

Sustainability is now part of the business goals and sustainability reporting is becoming a business practice. Your organisation will need consolidated, managed, and correct sustainability data to share with other systems, suppliers, distributors, sales channels, for building environmental product declarations, more efficient reporting as well as ESG management.

Due to needs from the market and with input from our customers Nexer have developed a solution for Sustainability Data Management named Footprint Data Management on the world leading MDM platform Stibo Systems STEPy. We chose STEP since it is built to manage multidomain data and have the scalability needed and to complement our partner Stibo Systems solution for ESG management. STEP also has the built-in functionalities for data quality management to ensure updates and changes are performed everywhere simultaneously and we will design a data model that can match your unique scope and business model.

You need access to correct and relevant product footprint data to make more informed business decisions and to make green claims. You need to know your numbers to show your numbers.
Better data means better business which can ultimately create a better world.

customer case Oatly

Oatly wanted a scalable and capable platform to:

• calculate, measure and manage their products’ footprints
• utilise the same platform for PLM processes
• sustainability reporting
• show their products’ actual PCF numbers on the consumer packages

Oatly not only wanted a sustainable solution that could scale, but early on they adopted a “know your numbers to show your numbers” data management strategy.

Listen to Oatly’s video testimonial by clicking the image to the left.

Take off From strategy to action

Our strategy consultants can support you in identifying your focus areas, ambition level and what to measure. When you are ready, we will help you to quantify the data you need to collect and calculate, what your data streams and workflows look like, and identify all data sources and parties.

We’ll start with a Think phase, a process analysis, to really understand what the current situation looks like and as a starting point for an implementation analysis which focuses on building the optimal data model for you as well as discovering what integrations will be needed. 

CBAM Compliance

CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) is a policy tool aimed at preventing carbon leakage and supporting global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By imposing a carbon tax on imported goods from countries with lower climate ambitions, the EU aims to ensure fair competition and promote sustainability. It is part of the EU’s Green Deal and seeks to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.
We have developed a solution on Stibo Systems’ MDM platform STEP to handle CBAM compliance using Master Data Discipline. Our solution helps companies automate and streamline the management of CBAM-related data, ensure data quality and integrity, and enable transparent and efficient reporting. By utilising our solution, companies can not only meet regulatory requirements but also benefit from improved data management to achieve their sustainability goals.

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