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e-commerce SErvices

the world around you is changing. is your business changing with it?

Nexer helps you develop your business to meet future customer needs, building a scalable business platform that meets your vision and growth goals. With Nexer as a partner, you can keep expanding your business without drowning in internal processes and the constant challenge of keeping your existing channels updated.


When do you need help? The question of when you as a company need to bring in a few extra hands is not always easy to answer. Hiring a new person is expensive and time consuming, and it always carries a risk that you will need to do everything all over again. So it is easy to end up in a position where you wait as long as you can to hire more people, and therefore optimize the cost to the limit where your employees are brought down on their knees.


It may sound obvious, but a clear strategy is a must for a successful e-commerce venture. Be honest, surely you have wished you had a recipe for online success! Having a strategy will help you find your “Why” on your digital journey.

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Did you know that in the Nordics we have some of the world’s top system developers? Learn more about how we can help with your Nordic launch.


How is your e-commerce doing? You go to the dentist once a year, and you inspect your vehicle once a year. Working proactively with your health and with the valuable things in your life comes naturally. Do you apply the same care to your e-commerce? How much do you work proactively and how is your e-commerce really doing?

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No one can have missed how important it is to have a conversion-optimized site, where your customers easily find their way to a purchase. Conversion optimization is getting hotter with each passing year, but how do you do it?

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With Microanalysis, you get time to gear up your e-commerce. By continuously working with microanalysis of your e-commerce, you can optimize the work around e-commerce and create new business opportunities. Read more about how data and analysis take you one step ahead.

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The management team and the CEO have the highest responsibility for the company’s goals and future, but it can be difficult to know which are the most important issues, and above all, where to start. It is often operational issues that occupy the management team’s work. You rarely get the opportunity to look up and think about the important strategies going forward.

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