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Star for Life

Star for Life is a unique educational programme initiated in 2005 by Christin and Dan Olofsson, founders of the Danir Group, of which Nexer is a part. 


Star for Life is a non-profit organisation that works to empower and motivate young people. So far, more than 500,000 schoolchildren have participated in Star for Life’s four-year programme in public schools across South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Sweden, and Ukraine. Through a unique educational programme, the coaches strengthen students’ self-esteem and motivate them to invest in their education and make wise life decisions. In this way, they can more easily build a better future and, as adults, contribute to a more equal, fair, and sustainable society. 


Star for Life works in 120 schools in southern Africa. Most of the schools are located in rural areas in very poor regions and many of the students’ parents are unemployed or deceased. 

Poverty and lack of food makes school lunch extra important, and perhaps the only real meal served in a day. In addition to the partnership, Nexer has its “own” Star for Life school in South Africa, Dlilanga High School, where we have established a Nexer scholarship for further studies in IT and Tech. Nexer employees also have the opportunity to visit Star for Life as volunteers.



The material conditions for young people in Sweden and southern Africa often differ. On the other hand, there are striking similarities when it comes to behavioural patterns, lack of motivation in schoolwork and a delusion when it comes to one’s own belief in the future. Since too many Swedish high school students leave their education with incomplete school grades, Motivationslyftet was founded in 2013 as a non-profit sub-organisation within Star for Life. The basic idea is to strengthen Swedish students’ and staff’s mental health, intrinsic motivation and self-leadership through training programmes based on school policy documents and modern research. 


Nexer is a partner of Star for Life Ukraine, a non-profit sub-organisation of Star for Life. It was founded in 2022 with the aim to increase the self-esteem of Ukrainian schoolchildren, improve their psychological wellbeing, mental health, and to support the development of IT skills.
Nexer supports with contributions that are aimed at restoring schools, in particular computer classes. So far, we have donated 100 laptops, backpacks, notepads, and pens that are distributed among schools and individual families to provide access to education and enable children to learn more about digital creation and programming.