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A key to making E-learning
as fun as it should be

Organisations spent almost 400 billion U.S. dollars globally on E-learning in 2022. While E-learning has benefits, it also comes with drawbacks. According to several studies, some disadvantages of E-learning are the lack of ability to motivate, engage, and get the learner’s attention – also maintaining it and giving the learner a reason to return. Is there a solution? Yes, it’s called gamification.

gamification based

E-learning comprises roughly 40 % of a medium organisations learning portfolio. By applying gamification techniques, you can increase online learning effectiveness considerably with the same or less investment. Nexer has long experience helping companies and organisations gamify online learning to make it more fun and effective.

Customer CAse

Nexer’s customer helps preserve the planet through gamification


The resources available on planet Earth are finite. However, we are using them like they should never be ending. It’s just not sustainable to continue as we do. Nexer’s automotive company customer has no choice but to extract many of the materials they need for their products in countries with unstable political systems. The risk of supply chain interruptions is real and already present. Extraction and processing also lead to human suffering in many places of the world. But, above all, resources are limited, and Nexer’s customer wants to preserve our planet for future generations. What should they do?


Becoming more circular is one way to go. Applying circular principles to materials, these can be reused almost infinite times. To move forward towards becoming more circular, the customer wants to increase the employee’s general awareness and basic knowledge of Circular Economy and the ambition and potential vision of the company within the area. With the customer’s learning and development team, Nexer created a game where the target audience faces various challenges. The overall game objective is to solve the challenges optimally to make the game world as circular as possible. An in-game mentor coaches the player, continuously gives learning feedback, and provides additional information and tips.


The game’s target audience comprises all employees (many thousand people globally), and it is currently one of the highest-rated learning applications on the company’s Learning Management platform. Users call the game “demanding but rewarding and instructive” and rate it 4.8/5.

why let nexer
be your gamification company?

At Nexer, we have more than 20 years of experience helping global companies and organisations in many different industries train employees and promote and market products and services with the help of gamification. We know all the gamification pitfalls, which ensure you get an optimal return on your investment by delivering complete, innovative online learning and marketing gamification solutions and strategies. We also do implementations, application management, and specialist consulting.

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