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e-commerce STRATEGY


Through our experience and analysis methods, Nexer can provide business models, platforms and services that both work for your operations today and serve your company’s future digital priorities. We can also benchmark your company against your industry peers, to assess your maturity in terms of IT support, digital marketing and customer loyalty systems.

The world around you is changing. is your business changing with it?

Nexer helps you develop your business to meet future customer needs and develop a scalable business platform that meets your vision and growth goals. With Nexer as a partner, you can keep expanding your business without drowning in internal processes and the constant challenge of keeping your existing channels updated.


A clear strategy is a must for a successful e-commerce venture. Indeed, haven’t you often wished you had a recipe for online success? Having a strategy will help you find your “Why” on your digital journey.


It is an overall trend within e-commerce today to use platform tools that support the customer journey before, during and after a purchase. The importance and need for a relevant customer experience that complements the actual purchase, is today very great.

Standard functionalities such as availability, payment and delivery are supplemented with relevance and personalisation in terms of range, offer and communication. Generally called Customer Experience Management, this area consists of various methods and functions to strengthen the customer’s shopping experience.

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BU Manager E-commerce

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