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digital asset management

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DAM solution

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a solution that gives you a centralized online hub, where you can create, share, track, and manage digital assets. A DAM simplifies the management of all your digital files including documents, video, audio, design files, presentations, and many more.

DAM ensures that all your digital assets are indexed and structured properly with metadata so that you can access them from one main source. It is possible to search for a file by using parameters like tags, categories, descriptions, and more. Thus, you can find a file even if you don’t remember its name.

Nexer partners with QBank, who are specialised in Digital Asset Management solutions that streamline the process of market communications through centralised management of digital files and information.

dam for your business

DAM has multiple use cases for a company. Brand consistency and “living your brand” have never been more important. It is equally important that your marketing team is using the latest version of your logo, as it is important that your sales team use a correct branded company presentation during their sales pitches. You need to be in control of what is used, where and by whom.

dam with pim

Maximise your Inriver PIM investment by integrating with DAM. Streamlined workflows, automatic publishing, and version control, enabling full control throughout your product images’ entire lifecycle.

Where the PIM is your expert in product information, a DAM is an expert in organising and distributing rich media. Together they are amazing!

dam with e-commerce

E-commerce websites today need to continuously improve user experience to be relevant to the customers. Product-related media, such as images and videos that explain, inform, and increase engagement is an important component of e-commerce marketing.

Media files can pile up quickly and can create a messy CMS if not organised well. With DAM e-commerce businesses can leverage innovative technologies to ensure that their digital assets are secure, managed, accessed, and stored in the best way possible.


Take advantage of brand consistency with Digital Asset Management. DAM can be used to publish assets in the right size and format to multiple distribution channels, such as websites, social media, presentations, and more to ensure that your communication is on point and your brand is represented consistently.

Through the system, users can track statistics for each asset, including asset usage, such as where it has previously been published and by whom. It also allows full control of user rights.

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Do you want to know more about how Nexer and DAM can help you tap into the full value of your digital assets?

why dam?

• Single source of truth for all digital assets
• Search and instantly find correct assets
• Full control of where each asset is used and published
• Integration to all marketing channels
• Full access and digital rights management
• Automatic creation of file formats and resolution

dam helps you with:

• Lack of control due to multiple storage solutions without knowledge of the latest versions and any integrations to business-critical tools.
• Time-consuming management of legal rights associated with for example social media publishing (GDPR, privacy).
• Findability, searchability, and instant access to digital assets are non-existing and time-consuming.
• Lack of overview of where assets are being used across the Martech Stack.
• Lack of integrations between the Marketing Teams’ go-to tools leads to a lot of double work in uploading the same assets to different tools in a different format. An asset that is being used in Falcon might be used on e-commerce, intranet, presentations, etc
• No control over access rights

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