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Today, your customers have the digital power. They follow their senses and can, with a simple click, choose to change supplier or way forward. Therefore, it is important to maximise the air time you get with them. It is not enough to just have a good offer and great content. When a customer visits your business, everything must work.


Knowing this, one may ask, is there anything more important than the customer experience? Optimising your website from a UX perspective is a must. However, there are more and less effective methods for how to best succeed.

A successful development project keeps in close contact with the intended target group in each phase. As far as possible, the development team aims to create a positive experience in terms of structure, content, design and functionality. But it is only in the test phase that you can really measure how well you have succeeded. There are great values to be attained by performing a full-scale UX test and optimizing your investment.

We can do a variety of analyses and tests to improve your UX design and give your customers the best possible experience. These include user surveys and interviews, eye-movement measurement, A/B testing and accessibility audits.


If you want to find a way to easily prioritise and quickly optimise your customers’ digital experiences, Nexer can help — with a method based on best practice from thousands of solutions that are continuously optimized with SBOS. The method provides support for quickly defining your strengths, based on your technical conditions, your organisation’s competence and your resources for various roles. It also provides support for identifying which opportunities you should prioritise to create the most value, and which path to take.

Define your strengths and opportunities and lay the foundation for your digital transformation – in less than 6 weeks.


Being able to offer relevant customer experiences is one of the most important success factors for the companies of the future. If you want to increase the power of your digital channels, increase conversion, capture the interest of more potential buyers and sell more, to both new and existing customers, you need to be relevant. It is about increasing the personalisation of your offer and your communication in various ways. There are several digital methods to achieve this.

Nexer helps you choose the method that suits you best – whether one of simpler methods based on rule-based publishing, or of more advanced calculation methods to anticipate visitors’ actions and needs.


Let the experience of your brand be the same, no matter how contact is made. When the encounter is filled with the same soul, in terms of content and design in digital channels, and in personal contacts in the store, conversion and sales increase.

By getting to know the visitors’ ways to contact your company, and by developing a strong strategy for branding, content and campaigns, your offers will have a greater effect. The result will be noticed in the number of sales.


Open up a whole new dimension in the customer experience. Nexer can make your virtual and physical businesses merge through IoT – Internet of Things. Data collection, measurement and optimization are important components in e-commerce. In the physical store, however, the ability to measure and collect data has long been limited. IoT allows us to measure activities in physical retail much in the same way as we measure them on the web. It creates completely new opportunities for a tailored customer experience before, during and after a purchase.

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