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APPLICATION management


Nexer offers Application Management, which includes system management, incident management and change management. Thanks to our extensive experience in the system management area, we have developed good processes and routines. We are quick to familiarise ourselves with your business and set up a proactive management approach.

We have close relationships with all our customers, and we see ourselves as part of your business. We make sure we understand your business and help you develop it. We do not want to be a distant source of support, but your partner and advisor in using and developing the system.


Nexer has been working with proactive maintenance for many years. We know how systems need to be maintained to keep up their performance and availability, both now and in the future. We also know that much of the development takes place in the maintenance phase. This often takes the form of continuous further development, as the business sets demands that need to be implemented quickly.


The scope of the Application Management commitment depends on your needs. We offer a team consisting of a Project Manager, a System Architect/Lead Developer, a Business Analyst, and developers with expertise based on your needs. As a customer you participate with your System Manager and System Owner. We work in a close relationship, where we become part of your organization, rather than just a system supplier without an understanding of your business.

We use leading third-party products for case management, code and version management, construction support, release management and documentation. All have full traceability between case and code.

system management

Our System Management commitment includes leading and monitoring the system to ensure quality, maintaining relevant competence, trend analysis, as well as other proactive maintenance work. It is possible to include proactive analyses, reports on system status, improvement measures, incidents, and more. Constant monitoring of the system provides the opportunity to find negative trends early, before they lead to an incident.

incident management

Our Incident Management offer handles unplanned interruptions and reductions in the quality of the system. If an incident occurs, we work to restore full operation as soon as possible.

We will set up a service-level agreement with you, where we offer choices between office hours (8-17, M-F), extended office hours (8-22 and weekends), or round-the-clock service every day. If you choose round-the-clock service, every day of the year, we also set requirements for the system’s uptime.


Our Change Management is about further developing your system to adapt to future needs and trends. We work proactively, giving advice to ensure that your business always has the best possible system support. A System Management commitment facilitates further development work, and with our developed processes for Change Management we can offer flexibility and efficiency in that work.

We work continuously, either in agile sprints or in project form with larger releases. We are flexible and will work in the way that best suits your business.

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