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During 2004 several countries, including Thailand, were hit by a major tsunami. One of the large Swedish travel companies had problems getting in touch with their travelers during the disaster, and realized that they needed a method to be able to maintain contact, regardless of their customers’ locations or circumstances. This is the background of our solution for travel information mangement.

Our solution enables your company to communicate with your customers via several different channels simultaneously, such as iOS and Android apps, chat windows on the support website, SMS and e-mail. Messages can be sent to different types of groups, such as all travelers on a particular flight, a particular hotel, a particular destination, a particular customer segment, or a single traveler. Today it is also possible to implement AI chatbots, where an engine for artificial intelligence can help your customer support handle many issues of a similar nature, and thus reduce your costs.


Messages can be sent, and conversations followed, from the time a customer signs up for a trip until the customer and all communications are cleared from the system (a defined time after a completed trip, in accordance with GDPR rules). During that time, you can also send targeted messages with offers for various excursions, activities and other additional sales. With TIMS you can also generate a marketing automation feed in your CRM.

Unlike many other communication systems, our solution gives you an overall picture of all communication with the same customer. All messages sent to or received from a specific person can be followed in the same simple graphical interface, marked with the type of channel through which the message was sent. Colored flags indicate whether a delivery receipt has been received. You communicate with the customer through a portal that accessed be used in a standard browser or through an iOS app that runs on an iPad. The portal is best suited for customer service or marketing staff who may work at a call center or an office, while iPads are better suited for the tour guides and guides who handle customers at the destinations. In addition to manual communication, the service supports a variety of automatic and semi-automatic types of mailings.


In crises such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks, you can inform both groups and individual travelers about what is happening. You can calm anxious families and give them instructions on how to handle the situation.

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With Unified Communication, and the help of AI, you can now also automate your communication. Our latest integration for AI is a customer service bot and chat bot that can categorize incoming questions, create templates for what different answers should look like, and then send automatic answers back.

Read more about AI and automated communication for customer service in our info sheet.

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With the service, you can, for example, announce which excursions are available to book during the trip.

Read more about additional sales on your mobile for an improved travel experience.

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— It enables fast and first-class service and customer support, with fast customer responses.

— It supports effective dialogue with both individuals and groups. Both individual messages and group messages can be sent out, travelers can respond in the channel they prefer, and all communication is gathered in one place.

— Tour guides receive a communication tool that enables them to keep track of all their travellers, without it being tied to one person.

— Costs are reduced, because tour guides no longer have to go out every day to the hotels at the destinations to answer questions. Travelers can instead ask the questions directly to their tour guides at the destination or via app, SMS, chat or e-mail.

— It reduces the need need to provide brochures or binders in hotels, to show travel destinations. Travelers are reminded of excursions via the service and can book them directly from their mobiles.

— Fewer guides are needed at the destinations.

Fredrik Axell
BA Manager ITC Unified Commerce

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