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How would personalised customer communication impact your retail business?

Would it mean improved customer loyalty and retention? Higher revenue? Less time invested in non-value creating activities? All these benefits come with Nexer’s UniCom platform (Unified Communication) – a unique SaaS communication service hosted on servers in Sweden. 
Today’s customers expect first-class customer service, in which two-way communication plays a hugely important role. By automising basic information at the right time, you will get appreciation from your customers and your service agents, which you will empower.

The benefits of UniCom

The solution for excellent customer communication spells UniCom. It’s a complete customer communication solution, which integrates with your company’s processes – and by using the existing data, UniCom will enable you to streamline the customer experience. You may think this sounds like a generic mobile messaging service, but UniCom is something else. Let’s walk you through some of the unique features of UniCom.

Engage customers through dialogue

Through the UniCom portal, you send the right personalised messages worldwide, at the right time, in the language of your target audience and through their channel of choice: SMS, E-mail, WhatsUp, Messenger, Online, and Push notifications; striking up a dialogue that drives engagement, leads to sales and increased revenue. Regardless of what channel you use for messaging, the recipient will always have the same information available in all channels.

Automated and manual messaging

UniCom collects data from multiple sources, including websites, servers, and cloud apps, and integrates it into the platform. UniCom enables you to search for customer groups and schedule personalised one-off campaigns, recurring campaigns – hourly, daily, or weekly – and automated campaign workflows and trigger communication. You can also send messages manually, and by opening the APIs, other systems that want to send messages can access the communication engine. As for performance, the portal provides you with insights regarding deliverability and messaging performance – i.e., who has read the message and more.

try unicom for your business?

By signing up, you get a chance to find out if you are eligible to try our cutting-edge two-way communication platform UniCom.