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your intranet your way – meet core connect

Core Connect – Nexer’s lean and light intranet product – is based on real user needs and over ten years of experience building excellent intranets for Swedish and international customers. Core Connect and its great features, together with Nexer’s knowledge and experts, will help you create your intranet your way.

What are the building blocks of a great intranet?

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customer case


The Swedish company SCA, which owns forests and manufactures wood pulp, cardboard, wood products and pellets, employs as many as 4,000 people. When SCA upgraded to Microsoft 365, they chose to upgrade and improve their intranet at the same time with help from Nexer. The goal was to be able to reach everyone and give them the ability to access the same information from any device – even those employees who spend their working hours away from the office.


By retaining the flexibility of SharePoint, Core Connect fits all types of organisations. It adds features and improves usability for both users and editors of the intranet. Core Connect builds on SharePoint and integrates with Teams, Viva and the whole Microsoft 365.

always the latest version

Core Connect is an “evergreen solution”, just like Sharepoint Online, meaning you can say goodbye to costly upgrade projects. Continuous updates mean you’ll always have the latest version, and you can also uninstall Core Connect entirely without having to change platforms. Your content and data will remain safely stored within Microsoft 365.

we do more than just deliver core connect

A great intranet is far from just the technical solution and its implementation. You need a thought-through strategy based on your employees’ needs. With over ten years of strategic and technological experience, building all kinds of intranets on SharePoint, we’re happy to help you every step of the way.

A seamless experience

Furthermore, Core Connect provides a seamless employee experience in the digital workplace within Microsoft 365 – perfect for any organisation. Core Connect follows and extends the capabilities provided by Microsoft by adding features based on real user needs, which improve the experience for users and editors alike.

Targeting information to the right people 

Core connect allows you to easily target information to users based on criteria such as their role, location or organisation. It also allows users to subscribe to information based on personal interests, making it less likely your employees will miss out on essential information, or be overwhelmed with too much.

Easier to find information

Core Connect brings information closer to the users by connecting with Teams, Viva and Microsoft 365 as a whole. Core Connect gives users access to their most important information and tools via Teams regardless of their location or device. With our help you can also improve your search, information architecture and metadata to make it easier to find the right content.

Efficient content management

We have designed Core Connect with the editors in mind providing great tools for efficient management of the intranet and its content. We can also help you improve your content to make it more relevant and accessible for the users.

Learn more about Core Connect

Want to know more about Core Connect and how we at Nexer can help you create a great intranet? Download our Core Connect product sheet.

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