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Volvo group

Nexer is part of the Volvo Group’s digitalisation journey – decommissioning of legacy systems


The Volvo Group needed a digital transformation to cater to customers’ future needs, as their current IT landscape was vast and heavy with old legacy systems. Occasionally, the Volvo group even requested retired personnel to return as consultants to help support the old legacy systems.

The IT landscape became vulnerable, the budget increased yearly, and it also swallowed many resources just to be maintained.


The Volvo Group chose to reduce risk and simplify the IT landscape through decommissioning – i.e., removing as many old applications as possible, enabling IT personnel to focus on developing new applications rather than just keeping old ones alive.

A core team was established with three Nexer consultants who participated from the very beginning by being responsible for project management, driving the decommissioning, creating pre-studies, delivering roadmaps, and coordinating projects together with Volvo´s internal resources within their business areas; Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Penta, and Volvo Trucks, amongst others.

The general objective
The decommissioning initiative is planned to continue until 2025, and will likely have decommissioned over 800 applications by then.

“Wave three will include more complex and advanced decommission projects, but when we reach the end of 2025, we aim to avoid hundreds of millions of SEK.”
Olivier Fallone, Decommission leader and Chapter Lead, Volvo Group IT.

ResultS and key to success

The NorthStar decommissioning initiative managed to decommission 251 applications in 2022. Halfway through 2023, the decommissioning initiative had contributed to decommissioning even more applications and avoiding costs of approximately 65 million SEK.

Read more about the case and other benefits in this PDF.