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A report about the shifts and technologies that are reshaping retail.

Retail is in the middle of a shift characterised by automation, social involvement, and embeddedness. Shoppers and communities are increasingly becoming co-creators, and the physical world is merging with the digital, which is on its way to manifest in virtual “metaverses”. This shift is happening in parallel with a dire need to adapt practices to the limits of life and resources of our planet.


Radical Retail is a unique thought leader report, produced by Nexer and Kairos Future, that deep dives into the shifts and technologies that will define retail over the next 10-15 years. The report is based on Kairos Future’s International TrendWatch, where more than 100 trends and early phenomena have been identified, outcomes from a workshop with Nexer’s Retail Advisory Board, as well as interviews and a Delphi study with retail experts and leaders from Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark, UK, Norway and Austria.

In the report, you will learn about:

— The third retail revolution

— 5 shifts that will define retail over the next 10-15 years

— 19 technologies that are key to the retail revolution


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For questions about the report, please contact:

Beatrice Silow

Kommunikations- och kulturchef på Nexer