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tech talent report

Nexer Tech Talent specializes in tech talent. Together with Kairos Future, which is an expert in trend and environmental analysis, we have produced a future report with unique insights where we have mapped what today’s tech talents expect and how they view new technology and working life. The results have been summarized in 10 success factors for attracting and retaining tomorrow’s stars.

The report is based on interviews and a survey answered by over 300 tech talents. The people who answered the survey are at the beginning of their professional career or are studying for a university or civil engineering degree with a technical focus. In addition to the survey, in-depth interviews have been conducted with tech talent as well as representatives from Sweden’s Engineers and the employer side.

unique insights

In the report, you can read about:
  • 10 success factors for attracting and retaining young tech talent
  • Important shifts that have created today’s tech talents
  • Digitization yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Myths and stereotypes about tech talent

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