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We are proud to present this year’s study on digitalization and technology of the future. The only one of its kind that shows both challenges and opportunities, from the perspective of the Swedish people. We published the previous report as Sigma IT. Now we have taken another big step towards being the tech company of the future. Now we’re called Nexer. Nexer has a vision. To give you, your company and the world a better future. It is our promise, and we aim to keep it.

Tomorrow Report has been conducted by Kantar Sifo. On behalf of Nexer, Swedish citizens were asked how they view digitization and technology. The sample is based on the working population, 49% women and 51% men.

For questions about the report, please contact Beatrice Silow, Head of Communications and Culture at Nexer,

digitalisation – the only way forward for a better future

In the report, you can read about:
  • Which roles are most in demand in the future
  • Positive attitudes to new technology
  • Can new technology make our dreams come true?
  • Challenges: Fake news and cyberattacks
  • Women are taking giant steps in digital self confidence
  • And more…

Tomorrow Report 2022

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