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radical retail report

trendwatch 2023

Radical Retail – Trendwatch 2023 is a comprehensive guide for navigating the complex and ever-changing world of retail, produced by Nexer Group and Kairos Future.

This report takes off from last year’s insights, updates the five major shifts that are reshaping retail and zooms in on selected sub trends that are particularly relevant. This is an exclusive opportunity to review the 23 hottest technological developments and gain valuable insights into the future of retail. 

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What are the insights?

To summarise, the report finds that there are three key paradoxes inherent in the global retail arena. Retailers need to understand these paradoxes, so they can create long-term strategies that balance global efficiency with niche exclusivity, technological embeddedness with human involvement, and a focus on nature with dopamine-inducing experiences.

In addition to the paradoxes, the report also covers their enablers:

5 shifts

From regenerative retail and phygital experiences to radical retail transformations, mytopian retail, and the great data chaos, each shift is explored in detail.

retail tech roadmap

Identify the three critical areas of technological development that retailers must embrace: radical logistics, the AI breakthrough, and virtual worlding. 

23 technlologies

Gain a comprehensive overview of the 23 technologies that are already shaping and will continue to shape the retail industry in the next 10 to 15 years.  

The future of retail

Explore the third retail revolution characterised by automation, social involvement, and embeddedness. 


Watch the launch webinar for the report, where Caroline Thorén, Industry Partner Retail at Nexer, and Åsa Jonsson, Future Strategist, Innovation & Consumer Insights at Kairos Future presented key insights from the report.