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Holmen’s business idea is to own and refine forests. The growing trees are refined into everything from wood for climate-smart construction to renewable packaging, magazines and books, while producing water and wind power on own land. When Holmen Paper’s previous sales system needed to be developed in line with their sales processes, they contacted Nexer. The solution needed to be used to a greater extent within the organisation, it also needed to be based on a new technical platform for more efficient integrations with other systems. This resulted in them making several internal efforts, such as reviewing the sales processes and what changes were necessary, ultimately concluding that a new system needed to be implemented.

Image: Holmen Paper


Holmen chose between updating its existing system or implementing a new one. After a thorough evaluation, Holmen eventually decided to use Nexer to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM), the market’s most modern platform for effective sales. Since Holmen is already a big user of Microsoft, the transition to the new solution was easier made and at the same time Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales had all the functions that Holmen Paper needed. Nexer also functioned as support in connection with Holmen reviewing and standardising its processes. Compared to their old system, other advantages were that Dynamics is future-proof and easy to adapt to Holmen’s needs. Nexer also integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales into Holmen’s business and marketing system, which gives Holmen support in the entire sales cycle, from generating new leads, creating quotes and planning their sales work to onboarding new customers. In practice, this means a new system for Holmen’s salespeople that simplifies their work, is more accessible and faster than the previous solution.

Image: Holmen Paper


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales streamlines Holmen’s way of working by increasing productivity, supporting proactive sales work and reducing the percentage of non-value-creating activities. In addition, the new solution creates organisational conditions for making better business decisions in the long term with the possibility of increased profitability and growth. The system supports the individual salesperson’s daily work by creating better structure, offering better control and streamlining internal processes. Better structure and control are also a prerequisite for Holmen’s salespeople to be perceived as even more professional and informed.

Image: Holmen Paper

“Nexer has been a good partner throughout the project and the implementation itself has been very successful. They have both challenged and supported us, been responsible for the structure and always ensured that we have stayed the course forward“
Emil Palmqvist, Director, Sales channels,
Holmen Paper