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Product information involves many different attributes, relationships, texts, images and specifications, often spread across a variety of systems, applications and databases. Collecting, managing and sharing this complex combination of formats, dimensions and relationships is a process that is often too complicated for traditional PIM.

Many businesses today have master data in the form of product data as well as customer data, supplier data etc. By working with Product Information Management on a flexible, scalable, multi-domain MDM platform such as Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP), you go beyond PIM and go for strategic PXM with world leading PIM that delivers transparency, digital transformation, data-driven insight and growth.


Working with PIM on the Stibo Systems Enterprise platform STEP you work more efficiently and strategically to collect, manage and share product information across the entire value chain. A centralized, complete solution for organising, categorising, locating, synchronising and enriching product data. Ranked as Leader in Forrester Wave PIM Q3 2023, STEP has the “flexibility of a modern PIM without sacrificing robust data modelling and governance”. The solution includes evolving features and functionality to help you stay a step ahead of the competition. 

This multi-domain MDM system does not necessarily replace all your other information systems, but it does make them work more efficiently by integrating with them. External parties and systems can syndicate their product data to the system securely and efficiently, and with the buy-side/sell-side feature you can set up a Golden Record for your quality-assured data standard. You avoid duplicates and manage versions and language dimensions. You can see relationships, analyse them, make better decisions and shorten time to value.

Product MDM also supports data governance, which enables you to work strategically with data security and data integrity, increase operational efficiency and create a true data-driven competitive advantage.

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We have been partners with Stibo Systems since 2011, and we are the only Enterprise Partner in the Nordic region that also have our headquarters located in the region. Together we have delivered successful PIM solutions on Stibo Systems Enterprise Platform (STEP) to customers such as Salling Group, Husqvarna, Ahlsell, Mekonomen, KGK, Oatly, and others.

Stibo STEP is ranked as one of the best PIM and MDM solutions in the world by global market research companies and is cited as a “Leader” in the latest Forrester Wave Product Information Management, Q3 2023.

“Working with data across different locations, systems and suppliers puts up costly barriers, and complicates our commitment to being transparent in everything we do. Remaining true to our character and our customers, while continuing our speed of growth, required a rapid, comprehensive solution. This is why Stibo Systems’ Product MDM solution was so appealing.”
Albin Junhede, Master of Data at Oatly AB.

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