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Three important factors

In our overall SEO strategy, we develop a plan for what we will do, how we will do it and in what order. Several hundred activities often come up in the strategy work, so it’s important to prioritise based on potential results, relevance, cost and/or time. The prioritised activity list means that we can work in the right order based on the activities that give the most “bang for the buck”.


In our strategic SEO work, we usually start with a basic keyword analysis where we develop potentially profitable keywords based on search volume, relevance, competition, and current ranking. The keywords give us a clear direction on what content we need to produce, and towards which target group, where they are in their buying process (search funnel) and what their intentions might be. Our SEO strategy may also include work to improve your website’s URL structure, user experience and navigation.


Technical SEO is about ensuring that a website is technically optimised for search engines. It includes factors such as page speed, mobile friendliness, robots.txt, sitemap and structured data. Technical SEO can also include work to eliminate technical issues that may prevent search engines from indexing or ranking a website correctly. Our tools, together with our technical SEO experts, ensure that you put your efforts in the right places. 


Links are an important factor in building the authority and popularity of a website. Search engines use links to assess a website’s relevance and popularity. The more high-quality websites that link to your site, the higher your ranking and traffic will be. The reverse is true for links from low-quality sites, as they can damage your ranking and reputation. We help you develop a good linking strategy while keeping track of whether there are links pointing to your website that need to be removed.