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Dynamics 365 Upgrade

In addition to implementing Dynamics 365 Nexer can also upgrade your old legacy systems to this new Cloud based ERP platform. 
With this market leading ERP system, Microsoft has provided OneVersion to look after your upgrade and support needs.  Microsoft’s OneVersion is just that; One version of Dynamics 365 ERP which will never need upgrading.  It evolves over time - new features are added and best practices evolved but it will be one version and upgrades will never be needed.  
Nexer has developed a revolutionary methodology to take your legacy system and upgrade it to Dynamics 365 in simple and easy to understand steps.

Nexer has many years of experience in managing, upgrading, evolving and replacing IT ERP systems.  We are a global company with many offices and hundreds of consultants who have worked out the best way for our clients to remain current and have leading edge systems.  

Nexer have developed a simple and easy to understand upgrade methodology which consists of the following three steps:
– Evaluation Phase where we will decide on the pre-requsits, review the conditions and existing solution, agree on the scope and create an upgrade plan. We will also agree here whether the upgrade is a technical upgrade providing like for like functionality or whether a business process and template review will also be performed with old bespoke code being reduced or removed in preference for a standard solution.
– Analysis Phase comes next and this is where data analysis, risk management, detailed scope and customisation review, business process and solution reviews are performed, queries answered and risk and new opportunity management is performed. The output of this phase is a clear and concise upgrade task list.-
– Installation and Training phase comes last where the legacy system is upgrade, the data migrated, agrees customisation approach is implemented, training is undertaken and system testing and validation is performed. Once approved the new Dynamics 365 solution then replaces the old system in a controlled and managed migration process.

It has never been a better time to implement Microsoft’s advanced and state-of-the-art technologies and systems into your business operations. Microsoft solutions and technologies are now considered to be the industry leading digital transformation solutions for medium to large businesses.  
With the new Dynamics 365 OneVersion and Nexer implementation and support services you can focus up to 45% of your support costs on business benefits implementation instead. 

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