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Dynamics 365 Implementation

Nexer have a unique approach for implementing Dynamics 365. Our methodology saves you time, money and effort while delivering you a solution that adds value to your business, but at the same time is simple to maintain and upgrade. We have many years of experience in implementing Dynamics 365 for all sizes of company and across a wide variety of industries. Our team focuses on your business requirements, now and in the future, your culture and the goals and challenges that you have to ensure you get the most out of Dynamics 365.

When we meet companies for the first time, some have a good strategy and ambition and some need a lot of support and advice to understand how Dynamics 365 can add value to their organisation. Example desires can be:
– Harmonise business processes within a company, in a group of companies to allow for future acquisitions or sell-offs, or to improve productivity.
– Optimise business processes where the company does not currently have efficient processes.
– Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership and simplification of upgrade process.
– Integration of supply chain to improve customer satisfaction.
– Replace old legal solutions that are no longer supported.
– Facilitate new services, products and offerings that cannot be simply implemented within current system.

At Nexer we have, after many years of experience and many ERP/CRM project implementations, come to realise that there are a number of important steps required when implementing a new business system, for example: What are the goals and priorities, what issues are there that require a new system and how do we want to utilise the Dynamics 365 platforms strengths. With the Nexer “Solution First” methodology, we have a number of proven steps and activities:
– Initial phase, where the business goals, cultural alignment, desires and business/solution scope are determined. From here planning for the implementation takes place.
– Template Review (Mallfas). In this step we want to test the customer’s business needs against the standard industry templated solution offering and against similar customer best practice process requirements. We then challenge any gaps that are identified removing as many as possible by recommending alternate best practice processes or solution usage paths. The aim is to keep to standard as much as possible. We also agree here what to implement in phase I or defer until a later phase.
– In the Deployment a continuation of configuration takes place, we decide which customisations to include and develop these. Lots of testing is performed during this phase and it is ended with an acceptance test (function/processes and performance) where the solution is approved.
– The delivery phase prepares your company for go-live which ultimately means that we start Dynamics 365 after training and final data cut-over is completed.
– Once the solution is live then the Operations phase concludes the closing steps and ensure any stabilisation tasks are completed, the final issues are resolved and the solution is handed over to management and the support teams. It is also agreed whether any subsequent phases are required and the timing for these.
– In a parallel with the above change management, data migration, training, quality assurance and governance processes continue from the start until the end of the Operations phase.

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With Nexer’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.