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How do we create a Promising Future for our clients?

Nexer are leaders in the digital revolution. We bring our expertise and know-how to guide our clients and advise them on their business and digital transformation journey everyday and into the management and support process as well.

Our long-term partner approach engages our industry-experienced consultants to provide an ongoing holistic review of our clients Dynamics 365 solution, help them understand their challenges and opportunities for improvement and provide a solution that is maintained, evolved and always in alignment with the business needs.

This approach puts the client at the forefront of our focus and brings technology solutions to life within the organisation, empowering decision makers, driving productivity and improving service to their customers.

We at Nexer see Applications Management and Support as more than just helping our customer to operate their Dynamics 365 applications, assisting end users with their issues, and maintaining a reliable and performant system. We also focus heavily on your business, it’s ever-changing state, the challenges with using Dynamics 365 and the desires of the business to look to the future.

Together with our business and technical integrated capabilities we proactively reduce service downtimes, ensure minimal service disruption, and work with you on a programme of continual evolution to ensure your Dynamics 365 implementation always matches the needs of the business.

With our proactive management and Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 OneVersion solution we reduce support costs by as much as 45% allowing these funds to be diverted into evolution and proactive positive change.

Our state-of-the-art Service Desk is the front door to our support operation providing you everything you need to look after your system and evolve it into the future

• Flexible support models from 5 x 8 to 24 x 7 follow the sun support from 6 global centres. 
• Compliant with ITIL, security and quality industry standards
• Options available for temporary assistance to full outsource including Initial triage through to product supplier management.
• Deep Knowledge of and close relationships with many supplier products and solutions.
• Flexible support options from time, ticket to fixed priced options.
• Clear and appropriate Service Levels Agreements based on fix times.
• Multiple channels and languages for helpdesk communication – portal, app, email or phone.

from project to business as usual

Transition is a critical process to ensure a timely and smooth transition into Business as Usual (BAU) Support.

The Nexer Support Desk has a cross-functional team of consulting and technical resources who have a deep and detailed knowledge across the Microsoft D365 applications.

The transition uses a proven Methodology and Plan that manages each step of the process.

Nexer has a strong global relationship with Microsoft and this strong partnership enables Nexer to draw on support for issues, when required, via the Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) Agreement

Microsoft’s solutions now support the evolutionary concept of One Version meaning you never need to reimplement your solution and by staying on the same version you received fixes and enhancements that can be installed rapidly and efficiently without the need to upgrade.

what is one version

One Version is provided to benefit customers with Microsoft’s continuous update model keeping current with the latest updates on a regular basis rather than significant point upgrades.

Microsoft delivers 2 major updates per year plus regular service updates throughout the year.

Microsoft strategy and direction is for customers to take all available updates, but each customer has the option to pause, delay, or opt-out of an update. A customer can choose to pause up to 3 consecutive updates.

the benefits

Everyone gets the benefits of the latest features. No one is stuck on less capable older versions.

Issues are fixed quickly and everyone has the fix deployed at the same time.

It is not necessary to test endless combinations of components.

Your ISV add-ons and any customisations remain intact with every upgrade. You can deploy new add-on solutions through Microsoft AppSource in minutes without extra customisations.

our service

1 Proactive One Version advice, strategy and guidance.

2 Application management services to maintain and support or take ownership for application of One-Version and regular service updates.

3 Environment management services ensuring that all environments (not just production) are maintained in line with One-Version.

4 Automated testing strategy and support making sure that your environments are suitable to support One-Version upgrades with optional rectification services if required

Nexer has developed a set of service specifically designed to support you and the application in this process so you can concentrate on running your business and we ensuring that Dynamics 365 remains optimal at all times.

Your business changes and so should your Dynamics 365 environment. Keeping it in sync with your business means that it’s always providing value and ensuring that your team remains as productive as possible.

Here at Nexer, we strive to provide the highest level of satisfaction possible. Our highly experienced team will support you with all your service and change requests, for example:

• Functional and architectural changes to the solution, including design, coding, testing and documentation.
• User access management to D365 applications.
• Data checking / data fixes.
• Small assignments, such as user training.
• Technical support. Nexer will wherever possible, utilise consultants involved in the original project to benefit from their knowledge and experience.

what’s in it for me?

Download our whitepaper and read about how our service can help with:
• Reduce downtime of critical operations
• Reduce costs for maintenance and support
• Get happier users of your ERP application

Are you ready to start something new?
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With Nexer’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.