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real-time location system (RTLS)

Monitor, optimise and secure your business with nexer and sewio

With a Real Time Location System (RTLS) from Sewio, your business can transition from unpredictable to smart. On the vibrant workspaces of manufacturing and warehousing, things never stand still. People, vehicles, and machines are constantly on the move, while goods and components are continuously arriving, being moved, and dispatched. Even though workflows are organized, challenges such as lost or misplaced parts, underutilized capacity, and workplace accidents can still occur. By implementing RTLS, you can track everything from components to staff in real-time, utilize the collected data to optimize and improve processes, and enhance safety by, for example, alerting a forklift driver about personnel in the area.

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Always know where things are located.

With Sewio RTLS, you’ll never have to search for a misplaced part or accidentally send the wrong component to an important customer due to human error. You can eliminate paper notes and manual processes and instead track every component in real-time. You can see where they have been, where they are going and where they are right now. This is particularly useful if you produce a large number of similar products to be sent to different locations and customers. The system can also be integrated into other systems to automate or verify processes.


Streamlining flows and finding bottlenecks.

The smart industry is largely characterized by data. When all data is collected and saved in the system, it opens up opportunities to analyze, optimize and streamline operations. For example, you can create heat maps of your premises and see which routes are stopping the flow, and how they can be redirected. Or analyze data for vehicles and equipment to see how much they are used. They may be used more extensively and reducing the need to hire additional personnel.


Automated safety.

Personnel safety is always the top priority, especially in operations that involve heavy and potentially dangerous machinery or have extensive floor traffic. With RTLS, safety can be significantly improved. Trucks automatically brake, reduce speed or alert the driver when they detect a person in their surroundings. Cranes carrying heavy loads automatically stop and sound an alarm if a person is at risk of being underneath. You can even use the system’s tags during fire drills to identify the most challenging areas to evacuate from within the premises.


Sewio Real Time Location System (RTLS) comes with the benefits of high precision, long battery life and high tolerance against interference. And how does it work? By installing only four anchors in the ceiling of your premises and placing associated tags at different components within the area, time is measured to communicate between the two components. Then an algorithm calculates the location of the goods, and you get an overview and access to all the data in the system online. Simple, right?

The technology is the best choice for high precision in real-time, high tolerance against interference, and also for not having to rely on line-of-sight. RTLS works well even in environments with a lot of metal, iron, or debris – something that other technologies can be disturbed by. The power of the system is so low that it does not affect other electronic equipment.

the starter kit

For those who want to test and evaluate Sewio RTLS (Real-Time Location System), Nexer offers a starter kit that includes all the necessary components to evaluate the system within a limited area of 400 sqm. The starter kit does not require access to an existing network or any new infrastructure.

Configuration and software for tracking the positions of the tags, along with a set of visual features such as zones, alerts, and basic data analysis, are included.


Nexer Smart Industries supports you all the way on your journey to become more connected and automated. From mapping business needs and defining the strategic direction to putting this complex ecosystem into action. We offer solutions for real estate, logistics and material handling, and manufacturing industries.

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