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Are you one of those who are curious about ChatGPT but haven’t really explored its potential? Need a kick-start for your organisation to start exploring AI? Then the successful workshop “The Ultimate Introduction to ChatGPT and AI” is for you. An inspiring and engaging introduction to the future of technology that has become one of Nexer’s most popular workshops. Our specialist will open the door to AI and ChatGPT and give you concrete tips, tools and inspiration that you can take further into your organisation. And above all: help you go from curious to confident.


Many people are curious about ChatGPT, which is one of the most popular AI tools today, and do not really know how to relate to the technology or take advantage of the opportunities AI offers. This workshop serves as an introduction to the technology for those working in both business and the public sector. It is interactive and consists largely of practical exercises interspersed with information and inspiration. After the workshop, the goal is for you to have the tools and desire to continue exploring ChatGPT. You will probably be inspired to use AI to optimise your business.

  • Introduction to AI 
  • Introduction and guidelines on how to use ChatGPT – and how not to use it. 
  • Examples of use cases and the basics of prompt engineering (the art of asking the right questions to ChatGPT). 
  • Collaboration exercises 
  • Insight into the potential of ChatGPT through several different use cases 
  • Exploration of other AI tools 
  • An update on the latest news and trends in AI, and what the future of AI might look like


The workshop takes about 3 hours and can be conducted both digitally (Microsoft Teams) or physically. 
We recommend that the group consists of 6-12 people.


Bring your own computer for workshops where you meet physically. Before the workshop, you should have created your own accounts for ChatGPT and tried logging in once before we meet. In the invitation, you will receive a description of how to proceed. After the course, you will receive training material and a document with useful tips and tricks.

Facilitator: Lucas Ebers

Lucas, creator of this popular workshop, is a committed technology enthusiast with experience as an engineer and innovation leader. As a consultant at Nexer, Smart Industries, Lucas is dedicated to helping clients evolve with new technologies. His work ranges from innovation management and implementation of technical solutions, to insightful presentations and workshops on new technologies and AI.


Please fill in your contact details and indicate how many of your colleagues would like to attend the workshop, and you will be contacted shortly for more information and booking.