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Reinventing customer experience for insurance buyers

Does insurance have to be stiff?

We helped norwegian Codan Forsikring, the third largest insurance company in Scandinavia, reinvent their website and customer experience. They were aware that their website had a few issues and that there was room for improvement. When they had to implement a new case management system, they decided to improve the overall website customer experience at the same time.

The goal? Increasing the number of insurances sold online, pumping up the conversion rate and improving customer satisfaction with their existing customers – making them want to stay customers for longer. All done with a personal touch.

The solution

Guiding customers to make the best choice

The insurance business is competitive and standing out isn’t easy. To be able to set themselves apart, Codan partnered up with Nexer Maverick to create a concept, strategy and detailed design for a new website. After working with the design thinking process, using trendspotting and research, we presented a new concept that would help the company sell more insurances online.

A more human side of insurance
While many insurance services assume that the customers know what they want and need, a different solution was presented where the customer would be guided to the best choice based on their situation and needs. The website experience was aiming to create a feeling of warmth and a more human side of insurance, without losing Codan’s vision and identity.

Click image to watch the case video of our solution!

Maverick delivery

·      Analysis and CX/UX trendspotting
·      360° interviews with stakeholders
·      UX benchmarking towards competitors
·      Traffic and data analysis of the website
·      Defined design guidelines and communication strategy for conversion and retention
·      Mapping customer journeys
·      New website design and copy

“I had a great experience working together with Codan who appreciated our expertise and made sure the collaboration went smoothly. This is a good example of when a partnership just works”
Senior communication strategist, Nexer Maverick
The outcome

A smooth, personal customer experience

The makeover resulted in a smooth, simple and uncomplicated website experience making insurance easy and understandable. The experience for logged on customers, in the section My Pages, was developed to have a more personal dialogue and be more service-oriented. Existing customers were made to feel taken care of, had beneficial solutions recommended to them and received reminders to help them stay safe, especially in critical situations – while new customers were able to be interactively guided in order to understand which insurance would be the best fit based on their needs.

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