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Nexer offers inriver PIM implementation projects according to an agile project methodology, according to a Scrum framework. We feel that an agile way of working provides a very effective collaboration, at the same time as our customers have the opportunity to control the prioritization of development and changes in detail. By working in two-week sprints, our customers also get the possibility to change direction of the project if they should wish so.

Having successfully completed many projects, we know that our strategy elevates our ability to generate customer value. By focusing on what is most important first, we can deliver projects quickly, make progress and generate value, with minimized risk.

How to easily implement a PIM system

Implementing a Product Information Management system may sound like a very big project. But our experience has shown us that it is possible to do it in a speady, efficient way. In this white paper, we share how we work to successfully implement a PIM system in three months or less.


Focus on what is most important generates speed and enables us to make progress and generate value with minimized risk.


Successful delivery depends upon clear communication and alignment with stakeholders pre- and post development.


Leverage the product through capitalizing on its capabilities to enable continuous development and improvement.


Nexer has a structured way of working with the continued success of an application. Together with the client we find the right level of commitment. For several customers we take full responsibility for their application – in other cases we take responsibility for parts of the application maintenance.

As a customer, you have a dedicated customer team, with all relevant technical and domain, expertise, that helps you activate and amplify the potential of the application, enable scalability, continued digital transformation and generate business value over time. Naturally, we don’t compromise with reliability, security and the smooth running of the application.


Securing the long-term investment
Business & process development
Project Management Support
Refinement & new development
Release & deployment management
Test management
Cost control
Pre-paid or Post-paid


Fast response & resolution time
Transparent activity/issue tracking
Hosting & infrastructure
Surveillance & reporting
Cloud, hybrid & capacity services
Measured against SLA
Service Requests
Issue handling and Q&A system
Support SLA: office hours


Nexer has the most experienced consultants in Product Information Management in Scandinavia. We have a large team of inRiver PIM certified consultants, and a large group of customers in several different markets.
We are also one of inRiver’s oldest partners, and we have deep knowledge of all the aspects of the inRiver PIM platform. We are specialists in several different areas, and have extensive experience of very complex projects.
Among our expert services we can offer a 360 review of your product information management, advice on product information migration or how improved product information management can improve your ROI. If you do not want to commit to a big investment, why not let us do a POC to try us out?

Want to talk about inriver PIM?
Javier Torres
Business Unit Manager PIM

+46 733 20 73 41

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